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milovanriel 27th July 2007 04:41 PM

New product
Now I got the hang of posting something I will the next also:).

I have seen a very nice interview on the Belgian television about the start of your company and how the founder made succes from a small company to a multinational company. Unfortunatly I do not remember the name of the founder :(. This is why I send you this email. I want to share an idea with your development people, if the project is tecnically possible of course. Here I go.
In some countries you have a tie where the water is going down so much that you have a very large hardend beach side. For ex in belgium the sea goes down for a 150 to 200 meter. In the past people took a wooden frame of 1.5 meter long and 20 cm wide where a surfsail was attached. The then surfed on the hardend beach.

I was thinking if it is technical possible to make a real surfboard like they exsist today and have a system where the board has an wooden or strong epopxy base where 4 weels can be attached. This would give you a real surfboaed with wheels which can be used to surf on hardend sand. I think this must be technically possible. Is this something which can be of youer interest to build.

It is just an idea but would be interested to know if you would consider this kind product.

John Hibbard 2nd August 2007 04:49 PM

RE: New product
It's not exactly what you mention but check out The board is unlike other landwindsurf boards because the use of free rotating front wheels allows the board to react to mast foot pressure and sheeting angle of the sail just like a water based board.


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