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Duracell 29th July 2007 03:42 AM

iS133 vs iS122
iS133 planing at 9Kts with 9.5 and 51 fin Zzzz easy
what about iS122? can I expect it to plane almost as early (tail not even 2 cm narrower) with 51 fin and 9.5?

Remi 30th July 2007 12:47 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Hi Duracell,

For plainning the 133 is really beter, but 122 give you a beter acceleration particulary with small sails. You have bigger wind range

All the best

Duracell 31st July 2007 02:11 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Thanks for answering but the question still remains unanswered:
expected planing threshold iS122, 9.5 51cm fin ~ 82 Kg for advanced surfer?
Wouldn't have to ask these questions if test riding were a valid option!

Remi 31st July 2007 06:54 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Hi Duracell,

I am not using so big fins on this board, this my best tuning :

iSonic 133 : 9m²/SL2 44cm ; 10m²/SL2 48 or 52cm
iSonic 122 : 7,7m²/SL2 38cm ; 9m²/SL2 42 or 44cm
iSonic 101 : 6,7m²/SL3 or SL2 34 ; 7,7m²/SL2 or SL3 38cm
iSonic 87 : 4,5m²/SL3 30cm ; 5,6m²/SL3 30 or 34 ; 6,7m²/SL3 or SL2 34cm

Hope this can help you

steveC 1st August 2007 12:21 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Hi Duracell,

I was curious whether the base on your 51cm fin was standard Tuttle or deep Tuttle. I have a 50cm Tectonics Mirage, and it's got the deep Tuttle base, so I was thinking your 51cm probably would too. I thought looking into this might be of value because I noted that the iS122 has a standard Tuttle box.

Duracell 1st August 2007 11:10 PM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Its deep tuttle and whistles like hell (but planes really early)

pity questions hardly ever get answered here...
planing threshold...?

Phill104 2nd August 2007 12:41 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Surely planing threshold depends on too many variables that we don't know.

Sail type, fin shape and area, rider skill. Region and steadyness of wind are also factors to take into account. Also most people never really measure wind speed so make a best guess. This makes it hard for people to give a good figure. Remi has done his best to help.

I weigh roughly the same as you and can get my iS115 planing with an 8.5 Lightning in roughly 13kts but usually this involves picking the edge of a gust. Once up I can keep going in less. Hopefully you can judge what would work for you based on your own experience of the 133 and others suggestions.

steveC 2nd August 2007 12:46 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Hi Duracell,

I know you looking for a Starboard Team response here, but let me say this. I use the 50cm Mirage with an old 1998 Mike's Lab course slalom that is only 61cms wide, so I would seriously doubt that you would have a problem with a larger than recommended fin in the iS122 (if you could find any with a standard Tuttle base).

Of course, the focus would be the lightest of winds when using such large fins. The one thing I've noticed regarding the preferences of the majority of folks here on the forum is that they seem to fin for powered conditions and not the lightest winds, hence the conclusion that large fins aren't as fast or as workable. Frankly, if I use my biggest sail (8.3), I'm targeting wind averages in the sub to near mid teens, and I find that a powerful fin just offers easier early planing and superior windward performance in those conditions.

Remi 2nd August 2007 02:05 AM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
Hi Duracell,

In my last post you can see my best tuning, I just say that an iSonic 133 with 10m² and SL2 48 or 52 are more efficient than the iSonic 122 with 9 or 10m² with SL2 48 or 52 in really light winds.

I test many combination with all my boards, sails and fins and this is my best results. A so big fin on this board give you a better planing but your speed and confort are not really good.:)

All the best

Duracell 3rd August 2007 02:58 PM

RE: iS133 vs iS122
maybe I wasn't specific enough

my iS133 is my "light wind board" for 8-14kt
(combos: 40, 48 and 51 fins, 7.5, 8.7 and 9.5 sails)

If its gusting till 18kts I'll still be using it unless it doesn't go under ~14kts, from then on I'm definately using something more fit for blasting around and having CARE-FREE fun.


the 8-14 kts range works really well with the iS133 but I think I could get away with the iS122. <- This is all I&#39;m trying to verify

The tail (iS122) is wider than the C144 the widest part is a bit narrower. I used to be able to plane really early on my old C145 with a 9.0 and stock 52 fin.

I know the iSonics are slalom boards but in light winds (<=10 kts) you can put a larger fin on it (iS133) and off it goes (and quite fast in smaller gusts ~ 25kts in almost nothing, no white in sight 9.5/51)

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