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i_pica 31st July 2007 05:11 PM

Bulgarian Dealer???
For 2 years I'm trying to contact Starboard dealer in Bulgaria... and no answer...
not by mail, not by telephone...
I'm living in Romania where it seems imposible to find a distributor or a dealer, and when I was asking about the posibility to have one, I was sent towards a useless contact in Bulgaria.
The next closest dealer is at about 1000km away from my location. Do you think that Starboard products will be available all the world with such a dealers?
This summer is already wasted... maybe next year we'll hear about Starboard in Romania? (or in 10 years?)

i_pica 1st August 2007 07:40 PM

RE: Bulgarian Dealer???
It's "good" that nobody has no answer for this... hehe

Ian Fox 2nd August 2007 01:56 PM

RE: Bulgarian Dealer???
Hi i_pica,

Please accept our apology if the retail dealer network in Romania or Bulgaria is not be so strong. That should not prevent you from obtaining Starboard products, especially if you know whicjh one you want. Obviously some transport involved, but by road freight inside Europe, this should not be impractical. Within nearby Hungary you will find an established importer and dealer network.
(please see the list at )

If you remain in difficulty, our major importer/distributor for Central Europe (APM) should also be able to help arrange something to assist you.

Yes, we agree it's not as good as having a nearby retail shop, but in a modern day of online life, a solution should also be practical.

If you still remain unsatisfied with this situation, please contact us further.

Cheers ~ Ian

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