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Meltemi 7th August 2007 09:17 AM

which Isonic for 105kg/230 pound rider?
Any reccomendations for isonic sizes for my weight.
around 20-25knots?? or maybe 30 occaisionally..
One board or two boards? Used to racing formula but started liking the smalller stuff.
I was thinking 133 115 or maybe 125 if one board only
I remember Ian saying something about the 125 being the majic size for going over chop. Is it correct?
pls advise

Meltemi 15th August 2007 01:27 PM

any advice?

MacTS 15th August 2007 03:21 PM


I am not on Starboards but are of similar size. In S-board range I would choose something around 115 l (or maybe 125 if wind tend to be more 20 than 25 knots). As a 2 board solution I think that 133 and 111, or even 125 and 101 would suit you good. Myself I ride 128 L (76 cm wide), appr 105 L (65 wide) , 95 L (59 wide) and soon a 80 l (56 wide) to cover everythin from 10-12 knots and upwards. Sails range from 9,0-6,0 Race sails. I hope that this helps a bit. I am sure that S-board guys can fill you in with more details regarding specific starboard-boards.

BR//Mac, Sweden

Ian Fox 18th August 2007 07:35 AM

Hi Meltemi,

Two boards would definitely be ideal.

If one board, 122 definitely a magic size for big boys going hard over chop, and in most conditions would be a good choice for 105kg rider in 20-25kts.

Problem will be how bad is the chop, because in many cases with solid 25-30 kts in open water, the chop is really getting bad, and in this case, a smaller board may still offer the better choice (or less demanding) ride.

2 board quiver 133+ 111(115) would be certainly give a better overall range/solution.

Cheers ~ Ian

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