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veedot 8th August 2007 09:21 PM

RDM cam adapters for CR 5.6
I have just received my new severne code red 5.6. I will use it on my severne RDM mast, however, the cam adapters didn-t arrive with the sail (although ordered with the sail). Supposedly, the guys at APM didn't have them.

What would happen if i were to use the sail with the normal cams on the RDM mast? Can i help myself with a bunch of spacers to fill the space? Would the wider cams destroy the sail?

Any othe suggestions what I can do?


Ian Fox 11th August 2007 07:32 AM

RE: RDM cam adapters for CR 5.6
Hi VeeDot,

It's possible to use the existing SDM cams and additional spacers to fit for RDM, or change to slightly smaller diameter cams (from upper SDM position/s)and use the extra spacers. The fitment result is not so ideal from a practical rating, as the cam/spacers don't stay so well on the batten interface when rigging/derigging (esp in crazy 5.6m hi winds), and (as you know) the cams are slightly bigger which distort but not damage the luff sleeve.

I agree it's not ideal, and FYI I'm now using SDM400 in CR-R2 5.6m.

Cheers ~ Ian

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