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Crash 12th August 2007 03:47 AM

Foot strap position.
We have a huge number of variables on our boards although we can move the foot straps in and out really the location is pretty fixed. How is this determined during actual manufacture is it a compromise for different weights of windsurfers? My F Type 148 feels OK but my Apollo (second hand) seems a very wide stance?

Madis 12th August 2007 10:34 PM

RE: Foot strap position.
depends on skill and sailing style

Ola_H 14th August 2007 07:14 PM

Crash, do you mean how the designers decide where to put the plugs? It is done by a lot of testing with different people to find a good balanced ride, ie not done "by the numbers" necessarily. I don't know the formula stuff myself, but I imagine the longer rocker on the apollo maybe needs some more leverage and hence the wider stance. Mostly the stance itself is something you get used to. The more important thing is how this balances the board. If you feel you don't get a good balance on the board, try moving around the straps a bit. If you're not getting closer, try to pinpoint what feels wrong and ask a specific question here. Also remember that mast position, boom heigh and such things are part of the equation for getting a perfectly balanced feel (and good speed).

Crash 16th August 2007 04:41 PM

Ola yes its the actual location decided by the designers. Is it a compromise for different weight riders, different fins or is there one sweet spot?

Ian Fox 18th August 2007 07:41 AM

Hi Crash, yes in general it is a compromise for different weight riders, (heights.styles etc) different fins for that board when used as intended. That's to say, the ideal stance for a board (such as specialist Apollo, intended to be sailed [primarily] very powered with extreme sails/fins - and as such, best with a very highly "geared" or leveraged stance) will vary from the ideal (compromise) chosen for a more versatile, freeriding style board (even XL ones) such as the FT148.

Cheers ~ Ian

Crash 18th August 2007 08:32 PM

Hi Ian I'm finding the Apollo easier to sail then my FT 148 with the straps on there outer settings. Presumably there is one sweet spot for the strap settings particularly the back strap otherwise you would have made them adjustable not just in and out but fore and aft?

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