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thewoomf 7th September 2006 06:04 AM

what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
I?ve just bought an S type 104 and it came with a 29cm fin, I recon that will be ok up to my 5.8m. What I?d like to know is, what would you recommend to go with my 6.8m?

Ian Fox 7th September 2006 08:49 AM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Hi Woomf,

Depends a little on your intended sailing style on the ST104, and also your rider weight, but in general you can consider 36-38cm for light 6.8m, 34-36 for medium 6.8m, 34 for powered 6.8m and even a 32 if you are going for overpowered 6.8m speed in flatter water.

A 34cm is probably a good ST104 second fin option. In general.;)

Cheers ~ Ian

thewoomf 7th September 2006 08:57 AM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Thanks, for quick reply, rever thought to mention my weight which is around 85kg.
I guess the 29cm would be subject to spin out with the 6.8?

Ian Fox 7th September 2006 09:45 AM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Well, yes - but mainly as you'll most likely simply never get it going fast enough in 6.8 conditions (except speed trial) to generate enough lift to offset the sail/rider load.

Sailing the ST's in marginal conditions (for their board/sail size combo/s) you do need to rely more on the fin (size/area) due to the softer (bevelled) rail on the ST's (c/w say iSonic in same size). Of course, that ST bevel helps a lot at speed, in mid to high end and choppy conditions, but in marginal 6.8m/ST104/85kg conditions you need some more fin than 29cm.

Obviously that extra fin size/area helps the ST stay upwind (more efficently than dropping the windward rail) in marginal conditions too.

Cheers ~ Ian

Duracell 8th September 2006 03:05 AM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
hmm, I never used any other than the stock fin (290) for 4.2-6.8 sails and was always quite happy (alas only 80 Kg). I always used the board on flat water and in very very gusty winds 15-40kts.

Ian Fox 8th September 2006 01:25 PM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Considering the rocker and basic layout of the ST104 is similar to the S100/S95 - except with even less "edge" on the ST because of the bevel, then it's logical that the ST follows similar to Sonic fin tuning, perhaps even a bit more fin on ST due to the bevel edge/increase width etc. OK, not identical but you get the idea. In "typical" 6.8 conditions (especially marginal 6.8m conditions) a bigger fin than the stock 29cm would offer some advantage (in general 6.8m sailing use).

It's also previous solid feedback from many ST customer users that they consider ST's do perform better in lighter conditions (bigger sail sizes) with more fin than specced.

BTW, did you see the ST104 fin spec for 2007 ?

Cheers ~ Ian

Phill104 8th September 2006 02:09 PM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
36cm, blimey. That seems huge to me as I mainly use the 104 for speed. I use a 33 for a 6.5 in marginal conditions then switch down to a 30 when I get well powered up. With 5.2-5.7 I use a 27cm fin and that combo works well for me at 82kg (depending on how many pies and cokes that week)

Apart from a new fin, has the stype range changed much this year?

Ian Fox 8th September 2006 03:08 PM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Yeah, it's kinda big. But in reality the new fin tends to ride "small" for it's mechanical size, so a 34 really was more like a 32 etc. And yes, I am also the first to note you can also OVERfin an ST pretty easy.
I'm personally guilty of loading the stock05 / 32cm and 06/33 in the 115 and just leaving it at that for personal / fun use..

Although visually the 2007 ST's look similar to previous, the new ones have a lower nose, flatter and faster rockerline, basically derived from the S85.

Cheers ~ Ian

Dolf 8th September 2006 07:59 PM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Hi Ian,

I wonder if Starboard published fin area and if you used my formula for required fin area for sail size and sailor weight, how much easier and shorter these discussions would be. But then that might eliminate the mistique which is part of the fun for the old die hards? But it would make life a lot easier for the 90% of your customers who are not advanced enough to partake in this mistique and are struggling with wrong fin sizing.

steveC 9th September 2006 12:36 AM

RE: what fin size for a 6.8m on a S type104
Dolf raises a good point about identifying total fin area. Focusing on only fin length can result in quite a bit of confusion for many folks. Contrasting low and high aspect ratio fins can lead to some vastly different numbers with respect to length, yet the total area can be very similar. While we are accustomed to healthy sum of specifications to describe the physical characteristics of boards and sails, fins tend to be represented very one dimensionally.

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