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jeroenmarcia 7th September 2006 01:44 PM

Severne Overdrive 2005 rotation problems
I have a question for the team. I have an overdrive 10.0 of 2005 (old camber interface) and the recomended mast (bleu line). I don't get the sail rotating well. I have tried spacers but that don't help. My brother has a 2006 overdrive 10.0 with new camber interface and is rotating very well (the sail, not my brother :D)

With the 2005 sail the angle between the camber and the batten is very strange. When i try to rotate the sail, the batten is half way to the other side, but the camber is still in its original position. I have checked that the battens are not broken.

Can you help me out with advise and tips !!!

Thank you in advance,


Jesper Orth 7th September 2006 03:13 PM

RE: Severne Overdrive 2005 rotation problems
Hi Jeroen

Spacing out the camber is not the way to go on this sail. We do have a lot of rotation on this 10.0 Overdrive 2005 on the bottom batten especially.

Don't put any spacers on; it will only make it worse. You might need to cut/ sand some material (3-4mm) of the bottom camber to make the rotation better.

Take the camber out of the sail. Cut with a hacksaw 3-4 mm of the camber end that is pressing against the camber tongue/ and panel inside the luff sleeve.

If your camber has a bolt in it, then remove it, to prevent the camber tongue to hit it.

Rig your sail and check the rotation, let me know if it still has problems.

We did redesign the 10.0 in 2006 (your brothers sail) and made the rotation a lot smoother.



jeroenmarcia 11th September 2006 07:14 PM

RE: Severne Overdrive 2005 rotation problems
Hi Jasper,

I have done what you advised. I have cut 3 mm of the lowest camber. It is rotating sligthly better now. Strange thing is, is that one side is going much better then the other side.

One side has just the same problem as before. The cambers stay stuck in there original position. The other side is going well but only with much outhaul(3 cm more then recoomended).

More tips ?

Thank you,

Jeroen Schuitema

Jesper Orth 12th September 2006 09:01 AM

RE: Severne Overdrive 2005 rotation problems
Hi Jeroen

You might need to cut 2-3mm more of the bottom camber.

Try this and let me know how it goes.

Strange that only one side is rotating well?



rgugli 12th September 2006 09:16 AM

RE: Severne Overdrive 2005 rotation problems
Hey Jeroen, dont worry, I had same problem and sanding with patience I found the right lenght for the camber, now rotates perfect. Also, first batch of sails in the 2005 production. Sometimes happen, but at the end when you finally have trimmed the cambers your sail works the best.

I used with it a thicker mast than the one you used so I had to sand a lot more than what you would need for sure,
Ricardo Guglielmino

jeroenmarcia 12th September 2006 01:04 PM

RE: Severne Overdrive 2005 rotation problems
Hi Jasper,

Should i only cut the bottom camber, thus not the two cambers above ?



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