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gold 15th August 2007 01:15 PM

Which Kombat/Evo for a 100 kgs sailor ?

I am the happy owner of an AERO 117 (5.9 and 6.9 NP Jet sails) and I need now to get a smaller board (I formerly had a RRD Wavecult 93 but I found her a little slow).

I hesitate between a KOMBAT 2008 97 or 89 and may be an EVO 90 100.

My spot : wavy and windy (20-30 knots) but the wind can die suddenly, and there is this big cliff which makes the first 500 meters quite painful. So I need some volume, and I also need speed to go through the white water and to try to avoid the rogue waves.

Sails to be used : NP Expression 5.9, NP Alpha 5.4 and 4.7, NP Search 5.0.

Level : 20 years windsurfing, but still big problems in jibing !

Thanks for the precious advice.

Ola_H 15th August 2007 09:06 PM

Tough call. First, if you are not into wave riding that much, I think the Kombat will suit you better. Both the EVO 90 and 100 are very good boards, but they are focuse more on the wave riding sot fo things and do not offer the same B&J performance as the Kombat.

I would say that generally, you can get away with a bit smaller board if you go for Kombat since they have a faster rocker. So if you chose Kombat, I think the 89 will give you the greatest range of use. But on the other hand, the 97 will maybe give you the reserve volume you need and the Kombat have good built in control so at your weight the 97 will surely hold a 5.0.

If you chose the EVO route, the 100 will be an earlier planer and at your weight it will handle the big sails better. But the 90 will be more effective in good waves.

So with the info you jibing you give us, I think it is better to give some extra volume priority. Then my recommendation is:

EVO 100 if want the best possible board for getting your (frontside) wave riding more radical.

Kombat 97: if you focus more on jumping, back side wave riding and B&J. The K97 is a good wave rider too (similar rocker as the Acid wave boards), but it takes more skill to sail it really radically in not so good conditions.

Unregistered 17th August 2007 03:16 AM

Gold speaking...

Ola, many thanks you for your detailed answer !

Can you answer to this last question : Does the EVO 100 jibe more easily than the Kombat 97 ?

Ola_H 17th August 2007 04:42 AM

No. The EVO 100 turns "more" than a Kombat, but I know no boards that jibe _easier_ than the Kombats.

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