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Nacho Checa 16th August 2007 08:36 PM

St 126
I've bought a Stype 126 (mainly because you have talked about the Stype very fine!!!) and I have 3 sails (5,8 - 7,0 - 8,5). What is your opinion about the combination. Could the ST 126 replace my last Carve 145 for all sails or the carve 145 is better for 8,5 m ?

My weight is 75 Kg and I sail mainly in flat water in coditions of 11-17 knots. Could be the ST my only board for my conditions and sails?

Thank you very much in advance

Ian Fox 18th August 2007 07:07 AM

Hi Nacho,

With 75Kg you could almost use just one board (ST126) for that range, but it really depends on the "quality" of the wind at 11kts. If solid 11, you will be ok. Just.
If patchy 11, or you prefer an "easy" (rather than active) style of planing, ST126 may be just a little marginal.

In the lightest conditions, C145+8.5m will have a better ligt wind performance than ST126+8.5m.

Cheers ~ Ian

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