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steveC 20th August 2007 01:05 AM

A suggestion
There might reasons for it, but I find that the new policy to automatically logoff a member off is problematic. I guess I see it as a kind of annoyance and inconvenience, as I have been regularly tripped up by it. Any chance of lengthening the time period attached to this feature?

Phill104 20th August 2007 01:28 AM


It never logs me off unless I press the Log Out button.

The forum uses a cookie for your logon. It's probably either getting deleted on your system or your system is blocking the cookie. Check your security settings for your web browser and firewall.

steveC 20th August 2007 03:42 AM

Hi Phill104,

It's very likely that you're right about the new system requirements here, but I worry about the fact that almost every action has a reaction, and not always a positive or desirable one. If I revised my basic system, I can only wonder about the possible consequences down the road. Also, because software and computer programming is not my best suit, I'm usually not in the best position to understand a dilemma I might fall victum to. The perfect example was the position I found my in on 8/16 with the release of the new site here. Fortunately, Ola H. saved the day in that situation, but it's hard to always rely on others to provide ready help.

All things considered, I thinking that I will have to live the undesirable attributes of the new system. It seems like a safer path overall.

Phill104 20th August 2007 04:31 AM

Cookies are nothing to worry about. The old site used them too as do a huge percentage of websites. It's how any site saves your preferances and you will find hundreds already on your computer. Just look up how to control them in whatever browser you are using.

This article should give you all the info you need to know.

Ian Fox 20th August 2007 08:09 AM

Hi Steve,

The auto logoff is the time that a user must remain inactive before their login session expires.

It had been set to 15 minutes ~ and is now increased to 30 minutes.

This setting also controls how long a user will remain shown on Who's Online after their last activity.

Please note that by selecting the "Remember Me" option beside the log in, registered users (with cookies active for this site) can elect to conveniently auto relog in (using their registered user username/profile) at anytime they return to the site. Note that this won't stop users being logged out if their inactivity exceeeds 30 minutes, however it will seamlessly relog you in once you return.

For those with concerns about cookies on general websites etc, a simple solution is to use browser options to permit (only) websites you nominate to run cookies.
In IE6/7 the settings are found under Tools>InternetOptions> Privacy>Sites.
Simply adding to your list of "approved" sites gives you access to the full convenience of personalisations associated with use of cookies - but ONLY on those websites that you choose.

Cheers ~ Ian

steveC 21st August 2007 12:44 AM

Hi Ian,

Thanks for increasing the timeframe before the auto logoff goes into affect. That will definitely help. Also, it took me awhile to recognize that, even if I was automatically logged off, that I could relog in without losing what I had drafted. However, it was somewhat confusing at first because only one of the two log in groupings depicited on the screen was capable of saving my draft.

To learn a bit more about cookies and browser options, I should probably spend a little time reviewing the information that you and Phill104 identified and learn more about my possible preferences and how things work.

Again, I appreciate your attention and help in this matter.

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