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Remko 8th September 2006 01:03 AM

Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five

concidering a followup for my T-Rex... i'd like to know what the main differences are between the

- Formula
- Apollo

this in comparison to the F2 FX Five (just as good an option as a starboard)

Thanks in advance

my specs

2 meter

7.0 GTX
8,3 IQ
9.8 warp III
11,5 NItro 5

rather experienced on my T-rex (more than) average skills

Remi 8th September 2006 07:27 PM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Hi Remko,

In wich wind condition would you like to used your formula ?

All the best

Remko 8th September 2006 07:40 PM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five

i mostly use my formula up to 5bft.... arround 18 maybe 20 knot's 15 to 17 is ideal with my 9.8m^2 warp III

average speed with my (still improving) skills is around 45/47 km/h

Remi 9th September 2006 05:25 PM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Hi Remko,

Beter for you to chose the F 161, you will be more fast in this conditions.

All the best

Denis GER 189 14th September 2006 02:12 AM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Hi Remi,

what is the better board if you go for German Windsurf Cup? That means 7-15 knots and only one sail! I'm about 90 kilo and will use Gaastra Vapor 11.5 or 12.0?


JW22 15th September 2006 02:06 AM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Does the german Windsurf Cup stop at 15 knots? No formula with more wins/ Is that why so few great german sailors do not attend the biger Formula contests?

In Holland the dutch organisers of the dutch Champioship also consider to only go formula saling up to 15 knots and if the wind is steay stronger then that change to slalom. Is this the concept germany already uses? In that case your question above is very significant and could maybe apply for the duth championship 2007. :(

Just curious about the reasons why you guys in Germany stop at 15 knots? And what it has done to the numbers of participants. Does it mean you have to carry a lot of gear again to a championship?:@
Do you have to titles one for formula and one for slalom or is it combined? Any other interesting comments to make on this issue?

Thanks upfront and i wonder what Remi will advice?

Denis GER 189 15th September 2006 04:05 AM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Hi JW22,

you're right, we don't do any strong wind formula races in Germany. In 2006 we have had Formula as light wind racing from 7 - 15 knots with one board and one sail. From 11 - 30 knots we had slalom with one board and three sails.

So at least we have had 2 boards and 4 sails for all racing conditions. Plus all the wave- and freestylestuff, because we do all the disziplines in one event.

The years before we have had one board and two sails for both slalom and formula. Windlimit was 7 - 20 knots for Formula. But for 2006 the focus was more on slalom, so we stopped formula at 15 knots. There was no changes in the number of participants.

JW22 16th September 2006 04:08 PM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Your last sentence is what triggers me the most: "There was no changes in the number of participants" which means that changing the concept has not attracted new participants, that is one of the goals in Holland to change the format. :(

Also for the formula new and second hand market it is not a good cange, it will mean les sails to sell and therefore less money available for R&D.

We will see what they come up with in Holland and what motivations are used for the changes they chose for. Thanks for responding.

Still waiting for Remi, he will be surfing for sure :D

Remi 17th September 2006 12:16 AM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
Hi All,

The Apollo with the 75cm is an early plaining board who work very well under 10 or 12 knots depending of your body weight and level. Over this limit the F 161 is really faster.

Still beter than the F 161 with a 70cm but the difference is less. The Formula rule is still 70cm max, so in your case I will say F 161.

All the best

Remko 20th September 2006 06:37 AM

RE: Formula vs. Apollo vs. FX five
So the apollo has a very small wind range before the 161 takes over??

Why all the effort to develop the Apollo, just to proof you can plain with only 2 knots less wind than with a formula board?? B)B)

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