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Ken 31st August 2007 11:23 PM

iSonic or Futura 111
I just asked my dealer to order an 08 iSonic 111. Now I am having second thoughts after reading about the Futura. Some guidance or an opinion would be appreciated. I would choose the wood model.

1. 80 kg, age 62, but still aggressive.
2. Racing for 23 years, longboard and now Formula for the last 6 yrs.
3. Possible slalom racing, but mostly fast freesailing
4. Need to fill the gap between my F160 and a Hi Fly 105.
5. iSonic 111 sail range is 5.8 to 9.0, which meets my needs better than the Futura
6. Most likely would use a 7.5, but may go to a 6.5 or 8.4 on occasion.
7. Some chop hopping is desirable, but in 6.5 conditions and higher the Hi Fly 105 is good.
8. Lake sailing, puffy conditions. Flat water and chop up to .75 meter
9. I Like to make GPS speed runs as often as possible.



kvda 1st September 2007 12:03 AM

Hi Ken,
sound to me like the isonic 111 is going to make your day! If you pick the 105 from 6.5 en higher, the isonic would fit with 6.5- 7.5- 8.4 en above that, you can use the F160.
For your conditions and gps - use, i'd go for the isonic.

But in order to understand you completely, why should you go for the futura 111??


Ola_H 1st September 2007 12:55 AM


I weight 70 and have both Futura 101 and iS101. I'am really a wave sailor and only got into slalom and freeride boards recently and don't really have the best technique. More exactly, I think I can get the stuff going very early and so on, but I probably lack the power attitude to handle slalom stuff in chop when super, super powered up.

That said, the iSonic is the most effective board in light stuff when you know how to work it. You can definitely feel that this board has been designed primarily with efficiency in mind. You can get away with smaller fins and still be reasonably effective upwind too. The Futura feels very effective too, but find it need a bit more power to reach the level where this efficiencey comes onto play. On the other hand, the Futura requires less technique to get planing - you don't need to drive it of the fin so much and can pretty much just stand there and the board will get going anyway.

In the mid wind spectrum, both boards are very nice and easy. Probably the iS has an edge in pure speed and in upwind, but when just sailing around that not something you really feel.

When the hammer is put down, the iS for me starts to get a handful. It just feels like a big board and currage to hold on becomes the main factor in choppy donwwind runs. No doubt, a good slalom racer will be able to sail on no worries far longer, but as I wrote, I'm not that sailor yet. Upwind and half wind is still rather smooth also in real power mode though. In the same conditions, the Futura just feels as composed as ever. I haven't done any comparative GPS clocking in these conditions to see if I really sail the Futura faster, but I imagine that the more powered up I get, the better the Futura would go.

Jibes and stuff is very smooth on both boards actually, and both respond very well when you put a lot of power into the turn (here the wave sailing background is a plus). Even the iS101 cuts through chop nicely. But of course, the Futura is still an easier jiber and the less good you are in keeping a board on its rail through a turn, the bigger the difference between F and iS jibing will become.

So, which one to choose. Well, I don't know. No doubt, the iS will be a more effective board. If effectiveness is what makes your day, then it will be more fun too. But if you like powered up freeriding and power through big chop, throw in a jump here and there and some jibes for fun, then you're in Futura territory. So what KVDA is hinting at above certainly holds: the Futura is a very fast freerider probably capable of beating a slalom design in some conditions and for some riders. But the iS is a dedicated slalom board and for slalom like sailing, thats hard to beat.

Ken 1st September 2007 03:24 AM

kvda and Ola,

Thanks a lot for your answers. I think I am leaning toward the iS 111. The smaller iS 101 is too close to my Hi Fly 105 in size. I find that in my lake conditions, If I am out on windy day of 12 to 24 knots, there will be 5 knot holes and gusts to 26+. For me, 100 to 105 liters is the smallest size that I want slog on in the 5 knot holes (no sinking). 101 liters would be ok, but I have the Hi Fly.

I plan to use the 111 on days with 15 to 20 knot winds.



Ola_H 1st September 2007 04:24 AM

Yeah, I forgot to explicitly say so, but my idea was that the F111 and iS111 would be for you what the F101 and iS101 are for me. Me being 10 kilos lighter. Different sizes does behave differently when you look at the really detailed level, but on a general level I think the 101 liter comparison is valid at the 111 liter level too.

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