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theo winter 1st September 2007 10:19 PM

fin size for NP 9.8 on isonic 133?
I'm wondering whether the standard 48 drake fin with the I sonic 133 is big enough when using my NP V8 9.8 on the board. Broad reaching is ok, however going upwind results in many spin outs, regardles of changes in footstrap position. I weigh 104 kg's, 1.99 m tall and subsequently use the IS 133 with the 9.8 when many other sailors are down to for instance 7.5's, so a lot of pressure on the fin.

In the 2008 catalogue I see that for the " new" Isonic 133 also 80 wide the recommended fin range has expanded upward. So now I'm thinking of a Select gold 56 or something along that line. What to do?

Maximus 3rd September 2007 04:50 AM


At your weight I would say 56 would be a good size for a 9.8 v8. Just make sure that the V8 is downhauled to max. Use the outhaul for triming. If the sail is set incorrectly this will also create a lot of spin outs. Also at your size and weight make sure that the track position is near the front.

Jean-Marc 3rd September 2007 12:46 PM


Which year your iSonic 133 ?
If 2007, don't go bigger than 52-54 cm (54 cm OFO).
If 2008, a 56 cm fin might be OK (57 cm OFO).

BTW, Rémi is using a 52 cm max fin on both iSonic 133 with CR2 10 m2 sail, mainly because too large a fin is slow for top speed slalom racing.

Cheers !


theo winter 6th September 2007 03:00 AM

THank's guys for your reply, I'll go for the bigger fin and then see how it goes!

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