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pns72 12th September 2007 09:21 PM

New board for a big guy

First off, I am about 240lbs. I currently have a Rio L with a Sailworks Retro 6.5, Gastraa Pilot 7.5, and a Retro 10. The area I sail in has winds in the 10-20kts range and choppy (bay). I'm getting into the harness, footstraps, and on a plane fairly regularly (yeah!). I can also beachstart in chest deep water most of the time :) . The problem I'm having is that when the wind and chop are up, the Rio is a bear to handle. I would like to know what size/type board would be good for me to progress on in choppy conditions.

Thanks so much,

Roger 13th September 2007 11:02 PM

Hi Pat,
One of the Go boards, or one of the larger Carves/Futura's would be my recommendation.
Are you sure you are truly "tuning" your Rio L as the wind and chop come up so that you get the smoothest ride in higher wind conditions.
At your weight, in 20 knots of wind, the 6.5 might be a little big, but if you are hooked in, and in the footstraps, I would think that with a little mast foot tuning (move it back to nearly the back of the slot) and a larger fin, you would be getting a pretty nice ride on the Rio.
But, you wanted to know what board to progress to.....
Probably a Carve/Futura in the 140 liter range.
If you still want to go for the early planing with your 10.0 m2 Retro, you may want to consider a larger GO, but that's going to be pretty close to the same as your Rio.
Hope this helps,

pns72 14th September 2007 01:06 AM

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the reply. I am planning on keeping the Rio for light wind days, so I think the Carve/Futura will be the direction I'll head. I keep my mast foot pretty far back, maybe an inch or so from the back of the slot. I'll have to try moving it back so more I guess. Two questions. One, what size/type fin would you recommend for the Rio when the wind gets up? Two, is there a rule of thumb about body weight vs. board volume? I am wondering what size board will no longer float me when the wind drops.

Thanks for your help,

Roger 14th September 2007 07:18 AM

Hi Pat.
At your size3, I think you need about a 58-65 cm fin in your Rio.
Big guys need big fins.
As far as how much volume you "really need" I don't have a formula for that, but I'm pretty sure with your skill level now, that's going to be somewhere around 130 liters or more for a 240 lb. guy.
As you gain more skills, you will be able to get away with more of a "sinker" board, but
for now I'd look for 140 liters at least just to give yourself some reserve.
If you already have the mast foot 1" from the back of the slot on your Rio, and you are in the farthest back and outboard footstraps, you don't need to move anything back further.
Try the larger fin, I think that will make a tremendous difference.
Hope this helps,

pns72 14th September 2007 07:23 AM

Hi Roger,

I'll give the larger fin a try and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again,

James 14th September 2007 11:38 AM

Hi Pat,

I have a formula for board size. It's at under the Board Size tab. You just enter your weight and it returns 3 board sizes; 1) Your minimum size beginner board (for you it's 234 liters), 2) Your ideal first shortboard (for you it's 170 liters), and the minimum size board that you will be able to uphaul with practice (for you it's 139 liters).

Hope that will help.

pns72 14th September 2007 08:43 PM

Hi James,

Thanks for your input. Very nice Excel application.


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