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G 15th September 2007 04:47 AM

new Isonics.Question for team guys
hallo people,new season new questions!
Still veeeeeeery happy of my isonic 111 which used mostly in 7,8 and 6,8,I'm watching now at the new range.Increased max widh as increased tail just confuse me.I mean,will the new 111 have the same use or I have to go down to 101?
What I have espect from new model?

Ian Fox 15th September 2007 05:59 PM

Hi G,

The differences from 2007 to 2008 are significant, but not quantum.

In terms of sail size range to board size (model) range, although the range for the larger sail size for each model has increeased, the new boards don't change the sail size sweetspot that much. So (basically) where you were happy with iS111 previously, in 2008 you would take a similar sized model and just enjoy the improved performance over a similar sail size range.

As with the previous other discussion/s on these new iSonics, for 7.8m and 6.8m use, it's perfectly suitable to use 2008 iS111, although for guys preferring a "smaller" board for these conditions, the 2008 iS101 becomes even more practical.

Cheers ~ Ian

van 17th September 2007 07:24 PM

Hi Ian welcome back.

I know u probably have about 1000 messages to get through but I have the following question for you.

I am a proud owner of an isonic 101 2007 model. The board is simply fantastic even though I had some problems with it at first. You were right in saying that with these new wide slalom boards one needs to go out about 3-4 times to really get the hang of it. Anyway from all the posts I read last year I remember that the team raved about the 101 over he 94. This year though I read a post of yours which I got the impression that you favoured the 96 over the 'Jeckil & Hyde' 101.

I'm 70 kg and I use the 101 as my big board. I only use it mainly with a NP RS slalom 6.7 (36cm goldwing) and sometimes with a rs slalom 6.2 (34 cm goldwing). Below that I will go out on the new futura 93 that I am thinking of getting. When I bought the board my thinking was to also use it with a 7.5-7.8 range but to be honest with you subsequently I have found out that I don't really enjoy sailing in lighter winds so have gone off that idea. I'm super happy with the board but I sail with a buddy of mine who has an isonic 122 2007 model. He is 80kg and he uses the same sail as me but I have found that when we drag race against each other that on a downwind reach I am able to pull away from him but on a 'closer' reach I can just about hold him if the wind is steady. Once we hit a lull he is slightly faster than me. This probably makes some sence as 120 liters-80kg= 40 difference whereas I have 96 liters-70kg= 26 difference and we are both on the same sail size. Having said that I'm a better sailor than he is but I'm just amazed at how these wide boards have re-written the rule books. We sail on long reaches (about 2km or so) in choppy offshore conditions and about 1km away from the shore so upwind ability is imperative.

My question to you is would I be better off on the isonic 96 2008?? What do you think? My pesonal fealing is to go for the 101 2008 model even though most people I have spoken to have told me to go for the 96 given my weight and max sail size of 6.7. But I think that on such long reaches the 101 would have an edge through the lulls over the 96. Up till last year I was not a fan of the wide boards but the 101 has deffinitely won me over. Just goes to say that one should never judge a book by it's cover.

Finally can you please tell me what the actual volumes of the isonic 96 and 101 2008 models. Many thanks in advance and sorry about the long message.

Mike Nelson 19th September 2007 02:46 PM

given you sail big distances from home and upwind is important, also given that you are quite comfortable on your current 101 - i say stick with the same size, particuarly as you mention its your 'big board' (implying you have a smaller board as well), and you also mentioned lulls on these runs

Ian Fox 22nd September 2007 10:36 AM

Hi Van,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Firstly, to clarify, the "Jekyll and Hyde" comment was made to try and describe a potentially positive nature/charceter in the iS101, it should not be interpreted as a critisism of the 101 (quite the opposite).

These days there's also emerging trends within slalom to differentiate board selection/choice for more (pure) speed (GPSSS) performance focus vs allround, versatile on water slalom performance - and this differentiation can easily result in two different board choices for otherwise identical riders in identical conditions.

For me the 101 is incredibly verstatile open water slalom board, "large" enough (on water to have the ability to carry moderately large sails (up to about 8+m for 90-95kg) but still small enough to be super fast in the more powered (6-6.5m) open water conditions. Typically that was the domain of 2 boards - now comfortably nailed in one (with 2 characters, Jekyll and Hyde).

However, in the same conditions for GPSSS use, where top end rules and everything is a distant second (including otherwise important aspects like range, upwind etc) the better choice has proven to be the iS96 (and this is why you may have the impression I would favor it over 101). Of course in GPSSS (and related) style sailing, the board is also often sailed with less sail area (for top end tuning) than what you may use in open water racing - so selecting a board with extra width and sail/fin potential for verstatility sake is not so desireable if top speed is the main game.

In typical open water 6.2m and 6.7m conditions, a 70 kg experienced rider should be fully within the range of the iS96, especially if you disregard larger sail/fin (lighter wind) potential of the iS101, however as you have found from the 2007 101, even if you don't max out the sail/fin size, that extra width on the 101 really adds to the ability thru lulls and (maybe critically in offshore condition) upwind.

If you're figuring on adding a higher wind board also into the quiver (ie : Futura93) then that is also a solid reason to take iS101 (rather than iS96) as the range overlap FU93 to iS96 would be on the excessive side of practical.

Depending on the methods used, the absolute volume measurements can vary (slightly).
However, using the same method the relative displaced volumes for 2008 are iS101 (96 lts) / iS96 (96Lts) and for reference FU93 (94Lts). anyone familiar with iS101 vs iS96 will be well aware that the 101 definitely rides "one size" bigger than iS96.

Hope this helps resolve the questions, please let us know if you need more info.

Cheers ~ Ian

mmm 22nd September 2007 10:50 PM

:)))))) use Archimedes method, it uses water :) and is 2000 year proofed right. say real volume and then say virtual, imaginable, magical volume is soandso. virtual may be different meaning, that is the problem here. 70, 80,90,105 kg man, :) windsurf ladies are smaller, the virtual volume is very different to them. all here say, say real volume!, and then say your opinion of virutal volume.

van 24th September 2007 08:55 PM

Hi Ian

Thanks a lot for your swift reply. You have been most helpful as always. Now please if you have some time can you please answer the post with title ST93 vs Futura 93. An offical reply is long over due from someone from the team and most of us are waiting for you to tackle the question in the only way you know how. Many thanks in adavance.


Ken 27th September 2007 02:14 AM


I posted this on another thread, but hope you can help me. I have ordered an iSonic 111and from your above post saying the the iS 101 is 96 liters, it begs the question - What is the real volume of the iS111?



"For us inland sailors, on a 10 to 20 knot day, we may hit holes or shadows where it's 0 to 5 knots. VOLUME MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Tell it like it is, especially when we are talking boards that may or may not be sinkers or floaters.

Personally for me, I know that in fresh water at 0-3 knots, 105 liters will keep my feet dry & at 95 liters and they are getting wet."

van 27th September 2007 04:16 PM

Hi Ken

The iSonic 111 2007 model was registered at isaf by starboard with a volume of 108 liters. For more info check out the 2006-2007 pdf file below.

Guess the 2008 model is the same but Ian will be able to confirm if that is the case.

Ian Fox 29th September 2007 08:05 AM

Hi Ken,

Confirming that the new 2008 iS111 also has an actual volume of 108 Lts.

And for Van the comment is on the ST93 vs Futura93 thread ;)

Cheers ~ Ian

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