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Roly Gardner 17th September 2007 03:08 PM

Bolt size for my new fin
Hi All

Just bought a new fin for my smaller sails. It is a Select Super Foil 42 cm and comes without bolts. Can anyone tell me what size bolts this takes or perhaps how I can work this out please? Will they be easy to get hold of and do they come with the protective rubber washers which my original 52cm SB fin came with or do I need to swap them over?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Roger 17th September 2007 08:41 PM

Hi Roly,
I forget which board you have (Carve 142/144 if my memory serves me at all).
So, there are a couple of different "scenarios" here.
If your board has a std. Tuttle fin box in it, you already have a std. Tuttle fin supplied with your board. So, if your new Select Fin is also a std. Tuttle then your existing fin bolts (6mm x 1.0 mm thread size) should work just fine. You may need to turn the brass barrel nuts in your new fin slightly to align correctly between center of the barrel nuts and the fin screw holes in the deck of your board.
The other "scenario" would be if your board has a deep Tuttle fin box, and the original OEM fin was a deep Tuttle. If your new fin is also a deep Tuttle, then no problems, but if your new fin is a std. depth Tuttle then the fin screws would be about 0.700" (3/4 ") short and you would need longer screws to reach the barrel nuts.
You can get more of the sealing washers at a hardware store (they will need to have a 6 mm (or 1/4") center hole. Try to find some "fibre" washers as they actually work and seal quite a bit better than the soft/ low durometer rubber washers that came with your board.
Yo can purchase stainless steel (SS) washers at the same hardware store or ship's chanldery.
Hope this helps,

Roly Gardner 17th September 2007 10:32 PM

Hi Roger,

Yes your memory serves you correctly, I have a 2005 ( I think ) Carve 145. The existing fin has a std tuttle fitting I think so I can use the existing bolts which would be great. Thanks for your help.


Roly Gardner 10th October 2007 10:18 PM

Hi Roger,

Right, got my new fin which is great. It has a standard tuttle fitting and my board (2003 not 2005) has a deep fitting. If the original bolts are not long enough how do I know what size and thread to get please?

Cheers Roly

Roger 11th October 2007 12:44 AM

Hi Roly,
The only difference between a DeepTuttle fin cavity and Std. Tuttle fin cavity is the depth of the cavity. The dimensions of all the angles and widths are the same and the std. Tuttle fin should fit into your board very nicely (with perhaps a wee bit of "fitting", but it should go in with the top of the fin root just proud of the bottom of your board.
The difference in depth is 0.709" or 18.0 mm.
So, in order to use the shorter based std. Tuttle fin in your Carve 145, you need to buy
2 ea. 6mm x 1.0mm pitch pan head screws that are 18-20 mm longer than your std. screws.
According to the Starboard screw chart, the 2005 Carve 145 uses the following:
Carve 145 M6x60+65 = 2
Carve 145 (H.D.E) M6x60+65 = 2
So, you need one 78 mm long screw and one 83 mm long screw to install the std. Tuttle root in in your board.
2 80 mm screws may do it, or one 75 mm and one 85 mm.
You can always cut them off a bit if it looks like they are "bottoming out"
beyond the brass barrel nuts in your new fin.
Hope this helps,

Roly Gardner 11th October 2007 08:22 PM


Thank you very much.


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