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geo 19th September 2007 05:12 PM

stock fins on iSonic '08

I noticed that both the iSonic 76 and 86 are supplied with a stock 32 cm. fin. Is that just a typo, or is it true? In which case, how comes that two boards with different (I guess) wind ranges are supplied with the same fin? Even more strange as the 76 should be the more speedstrip orientated one, therefore asking for a smaller fin even in the same wind range.

mark h 19th September 2007 09:53 PM

Hi Geo
I picked up my iS76 monday. It does come with a (red) Drake Slalom Pro 32cm fin. The iS86's are supplied with a 34cm fin. As there is only .6cm difference in OFO tail width, I guess the fin range is going to be similar (only 2cm difference in max size fins)!! As the iS76 is initially intended for "high wind slalom" I think that the supplied 32cm fin is intended more for slalom & not for speedstrip. I bought mine for moderate wind GPS-SS flat water speed (less than ideal speed board days). This will accompany my S100 (light wind GPS speed's). But I think your correct in saying that a much smaller fin is needed for the speed strip. The iS76 looks very different C/W the iS50, definetly looks more slalom orientated (doest'nt look much smaller than an iS87, just a bit thin & lighter). But normally, what works in slalom also works on the speedstrip, so hopefully it should be good for 40k plus.


geo 20th September 2007 12:51 AM

ooops... I meant 86 and 96 both come with 34... sorry...

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