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victw 10th September 2006 11:52 AM

What happened to the Diva's?
Sad to see them go.

I'm a big gal 5'7" and 135 pounds plus full wetsuit, helmet, life jacket and harness - oh and wet hair. Maybe like 150 pounds. Anyways - I never felt like any of the Diva's were a fit for my size. But I always looked - and mentioned them to smaller women.

I haven't seen any news or comments from Starboard.

Sad to see them go.


Ale 27th September 2006 05:38 AM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
Hi Vicki!!!, I?m Alejandra, I?m from CHile, I?m 23, and I have been doing windsurf for 2 years.
I?m totally agrre with you, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DIVAS?S????" I really loved that boards!!!
What can we do to recieve a response from Starboard??


Kira 26th January 2007 05:55 PM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
I agree as well. I still have my diva, although its pretty old now, its my fav board. Wish starboard would bring them back!

Svein Rasmussen 17th February 2007 09:45 AM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
Hi all.

We have had the Diva boards in the range for several years now.
unfortunately somehow we only had demand for 5 to 10 boards per year per range ,
so we felt that there was no genuine world wide interest anymore.
I hope you can understand and accept the positon for now.


Svein Rasmussen

Ellen Faller 20th February 2007 08:21 AM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
Thanks Svein for providing an answer to this important question. I too am not exactly Diva sized, but there are many women out there who are. At least now we'll know the answer!

katty 13th March 2007 10:11 PM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
Hi girls,

I always surfed on men's boards since the begin and now I got used to it. I found the Diva nice but I never bought one. The choice was too limited comparing to men's boards and I was concerned about what to do later with my used board (only a few windsurfing girls here). Don't desperate, I am sure you can get used to as I did.


Geddy 14th March 2007 08:45 AM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
Hello all,

Look on the bright side. The Diva models that I have seen are all high performance boards. There were 2 Carve models(145 and 121) and 1 Evo(65) in the 2005 catalog that I have.

Aside from the graphics, the board performance is the same. You could choose a GO 129 or a Carve 122 or bigger Carve that would be comparable. To replace the Evo, you have even greater choices with Acid or Kombat models. I currently sail a GO 155 for light wind days and a Carve 101 for stronger winds. Both are excellent.

I also agree with Katty about the resale potential.

When you are speeding by someone on the water, they will not be able to notice the graphics on your board, only your style!

Happy sailing.


Ellen Faller 20th March 2007 11:17 AM

RE: What happened to the Diva's?
Hi Vicki,
I'm with you. I'm not petite but know quite a few women who are and who had a problem with boards built for big guys. I do own a Diva Carve 90 and love it, and sail it proudly when the conditions are right.
Many women seem to end up sailing a smaller man's board, usually handed along by a male acquaintance. I don't know if the women are put off from buying their own boards due to the techno-speak so often encountered in sailing groups, or if there were just too few Divas available for women to try to see if they really might like them. I guess we'll never really know.
thanks for your input,


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