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Russell 10th September 2006 04:39 PM

F160 or F161
The formula guys here have talked me into formula racing again.
There will be 15 or more of us racing which is a good fleet.

I can either buy one of there 160`s or order a 161 with them or a Pro kids formula so I can have my feet closer together.

I am 155m and 60kg so small. which one would be better.

Also when I did formula about 4 years ago I found 8m sail was my most efficiant. Ok I was not so fast but I did not fall in so the overall with tacktics was better. They are saying I should go for a 9m because the sails are much better. I can get the Severne sails. The average wind is 12-20 knots. I was thinking more on a 8.5.

Before I also found I preffered the 70 fin but I have read that with such a small sail now it would be better with a smaller fin.

I am mostly a wave and freestyle sailor so I am used to being very efficient with small sails 4.4 being the sail I use the most. When the formula guys are on there 10m I am normaly planing with my 4.4.

Any help would be great as the smallest sail they have here is 10m so I will have to order a 9m or smaller without trying.

Two weeks ago they held a Spanish National event here and next year they will hold a Spanish cup event here so everyone is keen to practice.


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