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surfsjef 6th October 2007 02:51 AM

smaller fin for s-type 115

I have a S-type 115. Great board. It includes the standard fin. I use a North Sails Daytona 7.3 m2 and it just runs perfect!

With more wind I use a Daytona 6 m2. I think I should use a smaller fin than.

What smaller fin and which size do you advise?

Thanks in advance!


namreh 9th October 2007 02:40 AM

I've got the s-type 115 (2005-2006-2007).

My set-up with the 2007 (I'm 190cm and +90kg)

overdrive 5.5 with select lightning evo 31cm or drake slalom pro 34cm
overdrive 6.5 with drake slalom pro 34cm
mega xr 7.4 with stockfin or drake slalom pro 40cm

I use the s-type for just blasting on flatwater/choppy lakes in the netherlands.

surfsjef 25th October 2007 03:02 AM

Thanks! I also surf in the Netherlands. Dutch might have been easier to communicate...

Thanks for your tip. I just bought my 115 this year. I'am gonna try the same fins as you use.


Ian Fox 25th October 2007 05:20 AM

Right, if you want to explore the upper wind range and playful character of the ST115 you can certainly use freeride/freemove (raked, lower AR, broader outline at base) fins around 30cm. Depends a bit on actual fin and rider weight etc, but typically that is fine.

Cheers ~ Ian

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