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Larso 6th October 2007 06:08 AM

Go Board repairs
I just posted a similar question about the same thing on the free forum waiting for activation e mail.
What paint, filer and epoxy should I use to repair small holes and deep scratches in a 2004 Go board?
Some holes go through, some scratches are deep and some are not so deep. The surface of the bottom of the board feels much softer than epoxy. What are the correct repair materials?
Thanks in advance

spak 6th October 2007 09:49 PM

Larso Hi.
Some holes may need Epoxy putty.
In colored also. See for details in

Roger 7th October 2007 07:16 AM

Hi Lars,
First, check out the repair guidance here on the Starboard website:

If you don't find what you need at the above site, check out Eva Holiman's "" website for all of the materials information you need to repair your GO board.
Here's the link:
Also check out the following thread:
Hope this helps,

Larso 8th October 2007 05:13 AM

It took me awhile to find the information. Products/Technology/Tuffskin. and there in small type it said "tough ASA plastic 0.4mm skin".
Is there any way to fix the plastic skin? Or am I SOL?

Roger 8th October 2007 06:53 AM

Hi Larso,
If your Go board is indeed a 2004 model, you do not have the "Toughskin" construction.
Year model 2004 Go/Start/Free Formula boards were N-ASA construction.
Here's the link to the 2004 "Technology" site:
Scroll down until you find the N-ASA construction.
This was the precursor to "Toughskin", but the Toughskin is heavier and uses a thicker
ASA layer molded on the out side.
You should be able to repair N-ASA construction using simple easy to obtain epoxy resins, fillers and fiberglass cloth.
If it's just a cosmetic "scratch" in the ASA (or even through the ASA to the first glass layer) just fill it in with a product like Marine Tex and then give it a coat of paint to stop the UV yellowing of the Marine Tex filler.
Hope this helps,

Larso 8th October 2007 11:41 AM

Roger Thanks for the quick response. My luck with paint on plastic in general has been less than desirable, it just does not seem to stick very well. Perhaps automotive paint from a body shop is the answer.
Also Marine Tex seems really soft to me can you recommend another product. I have a lot of West system products would they work?

Roger 8th October 2007 04:25 PM

Hi Lars,
Find some white pigment at your resin/fiberglass supply house, and then mix up some West Sys. laminating resin with the white pigment in it.
That would work fine.
The nice thing about Marine Tex is it sets up quickly and is really easy to file back/blend in with adjacent undamaged surfaces. Put a little paint or some of the pigmented West Sys over the Marine Tex and you'll have a really nice looking repair.
Are you "prepping" the areas that you've painted?
Take the time to blend in the scratch with some 180 grit abrasive paper, then wipe the area clean (quickly) with a tack rag with a little acetone in it. Your paint should stick just fine.
Often the problems with painting any sort of plastic have more to do with the mold release that remains after manufacture. Abrasive blending and a light wash with acetone should give you pretty much virgin plastic.
Hope this helps,

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