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malenki 7th October 2007 03:04 PM

isonic 2008
Hello Kevin,
have You already tried the 2008 isonics? Could You give advice about fin choise for the isonic122 using with 9.0 on light and 7.8 on strong winds please.
I also can not decide for the second board. Should it be isonic101 or isonic96, I would like to use the second board with 7.8 and something about 6.5. Which fins do I need for the small board? I am about 85 kg.
Hope to hear from You,
bst rgrds

malenki 10th October 2007 05:34 PM

sails for 122 and 96 isonics
Hello again,
one more quastion: which are the biggest possible sails to put ot the 96 and 122 isonics'08?
Hope to hear from You as soon as possible

malenki 22nd October 2007 06:12 PM

Hello Kevin
could you help me please??

Kevin Pritchard 27th October 2007 11:54 PM

I have only tired a couple of the 08's and I am waiting to get my new ones. I would deffinately go with the 122 and for the second one I would go with the 101. For fins you can use 44 to 38 on the 122 and on the 101 you can use 38 down to 32. Yesterday I just used the 101 with the 32 SL 4 and it was really sweet. So that is a good test! Hope this helps and sorry for the delay in the reply.

malenki 28th October 2007 02:38 AM

thank you very much for your help. I just have posted another thread about this question,my mistake :)
thank you ones again

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