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benboarding 17th October 2007 06:18 AM

weed fin for serenity
Roger or Tiesda,

I just got my new Serenity last week. I heading to Hatteras later this month and wonder if either of you have opinions on how it would work with a weed fin verses the Shallow Drake.
(Roger, I hope your recovery is going well.)

Thanks in advance,
Mark Bandy
East of Maui
Annapolis, Md

Roger 17th October 2007 08:06 AM

Hi Mark,
You will love the Serenity with about a 36-39 cm weed fin.
I've used weed fins down to 28 cm (Tangent Reaper) and that really was below the
"good performance" threshold, but I've spent alot of time with 32 cm Tangent Reapers and 32 cm Lessacher Duo's in the Serenity and the board perfroms really well.
In my opinion, it's much better with a 58-62 cm formula type race fin in deep water and just good with a 32-40 cm weed fin in shallow water or weeds.
Hope this helps,

vikingsail 22nd October 2007 04:57 AM

My favorite fin for the serenity in weeds or Hatteras for non white capping wind is the Tangent Dynamic 42. I do have the 35 for when it's capping but in chop find the 42 a little steader and easier to turn. Roger and I have agreed to disagree on this choice.
My overall favorite is a fin that Roger has in his truck, a 66 cm something straight fin . I watched others doing duck jibes and great pivot jibes with this fin, and was able to do a good jib myself with it.

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