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Nick_66 20th October 2007 05:52 AM

First time Starboard Rio S 2008
This week I tried for the first time my new Starboard Rio S 2008 board. The wind was about 10 knots and more. This board is very stabil and easy to use. Going upwind is easy and it's fun to learn windsurfing on this board :) Before this board I owned a Naish Kailua 180L and the difference between these boards is enormous! The board is comfortable and I think this board can go fast when using a bigger sail and when it gets windier. As a beginner I can really recommend this board for anybody who want's to start learning windsurfing. I really enjoy learning windsurfing on this board. You don't have to worry too concentrate on standing stabil on this board, but instead you can really learn the basics of windsurfing. It's just a fun freeride board!

The perfect board to learn al the basic's of windsurfing I think.

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