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Andy_PL 24th October 2007 06:19 PM

Carve '07 or Futura

I was going to buy the futura, as my first board ever. As I am not a very good windsurfer yet, I was rather looking for volumes close to 130 l, and thought that the futura 133 l was a good choice.

After having a closer look at the technical data I learned, that the Futura is rather wide and short. I used to windsurf on fanatic shark boards 129 and 130 l (all rented). The shark is longer and not that wide. The shape of the Carve is closer to the Shark, than the Futura, and has a lot of positive reviews .

What do you think would be a better choice for improving skills and the first own board: the futura, or the carve '07?



Maximus 25th October 2007 08:07 PM

Buy which ever is cheaper for learning

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