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windfixes 26th October 2007 06:57 AM

short board waterstart with boom on tail
I am looking to purchase a board that I can waterstart by placing the boom on the tail of the board. I currently have a 130 L Realwind and an old poly 80 L Tiga wave board, both which allow this manner of waterstarting.

Where can I learn measurements of front of mast track to tail of board for Starboard boards so I can determine if any will meet the above requirement.

I want a board that will be good in chop and high wind, either to replace my Tiga entirely or to fill the gap between 80L and 130 L. The high volume of the Realwind lets me make / save most gybes. The shape, weight and flex of the Tiga makes it easy to sail in chop and highwind, but with lower gybe success.


Jean-Marc 29th October 2007 06:11 PM


What's your weight, sail sizes, wind force you can sail in and your skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced) ?

Cheers !


joscottdiva 21st January 2008 11:21 PM

Hi there

My best advice to you would to get in to the habit of NOT using the tail of the board to recover the rig. It is definitely an effective method and it was how I learned to waterstart.

However you are compromising your sailing by limiting yourself to a board you may not get on with as well as a shorter one and certainly ruling out the possibility of using very small boards in much more challenging condiditons. Also from experience you will start to wear the paint on the tail of your board.

I teach windsurfing almost every day of my life and I can assure you that it's just as easy to not use the back of the board and I prove this to my students on a regular basis. If you would like some tips on this technique then just let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you out.

Don't limit your sailing opportunities!!

Roger 3rd March 2008 08:25 AM

Hi Windfixes,
Moving the mast foot forward, to enable resting the boom on the tail of the board for your waterstarts, causes some real performance problems with your boards.
Perhaps not on your Tiga with a very "old style" rockerline, and perhaps even on your Realwind (as one of Rob's real goals with the Realwind boards was to use more traditional rockerlines).
But on a modern board, with an "up to date" rockerline, putting the mast foot all the way forward definitely will cause some performance issues.
Have you ever tried your boards with the mast foot well back in the track to determine the difference in performance?
Moving the mast foot back should free up your board, give you much better speed and and far more comfortable ride over the chop.
Hope this helps,

Ellen Faller 17th August 2008 07:03 AM

Hi Windfixes
I'm going to vote with everyone else. It seems like a good idea to solve a problem you are having now, but buying a board to solve that problem won't help you progress with your sailing. I remember having similar thoughts about waterstarting, jibing, etc., because it seems easier to buy a fix than to work through the technique to master the skill. I would go with Jo's suggestion.
Good luck and keep trying, it will happen!!

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