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windfixes 28th October 2007 09:47 PM

measurements - front of mast track to tail
Hello team,

I asked on women's forum but yet to receive response. I wish to learn distances from front of mast track to tail end of board for high wind starboards.

I currently have two boards ( Realwind 130 L and poly Tiga 250 80 L) both of which allow me to waterstart by placing boom on tail of board. I hope to find a high wind board, either in addition to or to replace my 80 L Tiga but I want to still be able to waterstart by dragging boom onto tail of board.

Is there a table of Starboard specifications that includes measurement of distance from front of mast track to tip of tail or board?

I have tried to approximate distance from images on websites but will appreciate true values if possible.


Ola_H 28th October 2007 11:07 PM

Hmm, I would really recommend being a bit open towards adjusting your water start technique. I now many people use the tail like that, and I used to do it before o, but once you stop, its not a very big issue and you will get much more freedom both when choosing boards and trimming them. Moreover you will become much faster with your water starts (not needing to involve the board in the early stage of "sail lifting"). I've seen a few people obviously sailing with booms to low, the reason being they want to use the "tail trick" when water starting. Not the best argument to improve your sailing.

That said, if you want I can give you some numbers later, at least on the boards I currently have at home.

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