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Tjabo 29th October 2007 04:06 AM

Footstrap position question for is86 & is76
Just picked up my new is86 & is76 and I must say that they look great, just hope they will perform well on the water too. So to my question, if you mount the footstraps in the most rear poistion the anti twist plastic plate will actually go outside the deckpad and just slighty touch the actual deck. Since you have to tighten the screws rather hard (which is a mess on the is76) you are a bit afraid that you will destroy the deck on the board. Is it supposed to be like this, why isn't the deckpads placed more to the back of the board in order to avoid contact from the actual deck on the board. The answer might be that you shouldn't mount the straps in the most rear poistion but than I can't understand why you have the possability to have it there.
Where do you place your footstraps on these board? I have an is101 2008 model also and on that board the footpads are placed much better and you don't have any problems with the anti screw plates touching the board it self.

Ian Fox 29th October 2007 05:57 PM

Hi Tjabo,

Don't think you'll be to disappointed once you get them wet.

Looking at the iS76 right here, the rear pad to insert / plate fit is close but no overhang. Maybe a slightly longer pad in that area could be a good mod.

There may be a couple of mm difference (or error) in the factory placement of the rear pad on your iS76 being slightly too forward vs insert positions, however this should have no effect on the use of the antitwist plate (which is buffered from contact on the deck by the pad thickness anyhow) even if the very back edge of the plate was to overhang the rear edge of the pad by a small amount.

Of course, if you have a remaining concern, or you feel the situation is different to described, please contact us further or your dealer for their inspection.

Cheers ~ Ian

Krister 30th October 2007 12:36 AM

I have a problem with the iS76. Adding a thick part, shaped like a ridge that sits under the foot, to the pads is an excellent idea and it works very well for the rear fot where the position the strap is moved along the high ridge of the pad.
On the font straps on the other hand the ridge is att an angle compared to the different strap position and to me there is only a good fit when the strap is moved all the way forward and also made really big. With the straps in the rearmost position the high ridge instead ends up att the toes and gives a rather odd feeling and the foot does not feel secure in the strap. I'm I missing something here, or what is the idea behind the position of the higher ridge at the front straps?

Jean-Marc 30th October 2007 12:44 AM


I guess you're talking about the increased foam padding sitting right under the toes on both the front and rear footpads. I've found this extra padding provides a better dampening and a much more comfy ride in chop, especially making the jibe more precise and secure while blasting full speed in the curve. I love it on the iS76 with all footstraps on the back, front straps inboard, rear straps outboard. This extra padding/ridge is not present on iS86, however.

Upon first setup, fully open the Velcro closure and make the footstraps very wide, it's then easier to bend them while screwing them down to the deck.

Cheers !


Krister 31st October 2007 01:35 AM

Thanks JM,
I thought it was meant to be under the foot, I've modified a few boards like that and it works well on the rear foot for me. I hope I can give the board a real test this weekend...


Ian Fox 31st October 2007 03:59 PM

The idea of the domed pads (apart from grip and padding for impact) was to increase the doming (underfoot curvature) in the standing area on an otherwise "thin" deck profile board. Depending on a bunch of things, this can give the rider more drive through the foot, which can be especially important at high speed and maybe even moreso across chop.

In my experience the pad works better when your foot is well in, over the thicker section (not just sliding back off the back edge of the "ramp"). Best set up to achieve this depends a little on the riders foot size/shape (obviously larger feet reaching further fwd in some cases).

If you're using INBOARD (front) settings then the thicker underfoot section is usually in the right spot but requires use of more open straps than normal (just to get your foot in).

When using OUTBOARD (front) settings it's not so obvious - but possibly even more critical to size the straps a little bigger than normal on conventional flat deck/flat pads. This can be more difficult when the straps are brand new (stiff and not broken in).

Also the antitwist K9 has an influence in that if you use them (some riders prefer not..) it adds to the "stack height" under the strap (effectively increasing the room under/inside the strap) - but at the same time K9 resists the normal "wear-in" twist that curves the strap inboard across the top of the foot with use (this also allowing the foot to position further inboard - and in this case- critically- more OVER the pad, rather than falling off the back of it). After a few good sessions the whole thing seems to settle in.

Sailing iS76 fully lit in chop definitely requires commitment for the best results (but they are pretty good when you do..). Having the front foot securely locked down, and not coming unstuck at inopportune moments is critical. Although conventional wisdom would favor OUTBOARD settings for more extreme conditions, when things get really gnarly and rough, it's likely the INBOARD settings that will give a safer, more controlled "extreme" iS76 ride in rough water for the average weight and average foot length rider.

Cheers ~ Ian

Krister 4th November 2007 02:04 AM

Got a chance to try it out today and put on some of the new race straps (used the outermost holes). The front ones I put at the inner rearmost position, and rear ones in the inner center position (this gives a nice narrow stance). Used summer shoes today and the pading then ends up slightly more forward than I would prefer, but it is no big deal at all and hardly felt during sailing.

Love the board, the balance (front to rear) is very nice and I had no tendencies at all for "pulling out" the front foot. The supplied fin is good too, though initially that 32cm would be a bit big, but it feels to me like the board needs a bit of extra fin in order to fly properly over the water. Awesome!

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