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Floyd 30th October 2007 11:58 PM

Serenity weight sensitive ???
Would like to have a go on Serenity (I`m sure I can convince local dealer to get one) but was wondering how weight sensitive the board is; not so much its performance but the increased instability with heavier/ taller sailors .???
Will heavier sailors find it more tippy ?? (That was case in div 2 days)

Jean-Marc 31st October 2007 01:22 AM


No problem with a 2 m tall x 98 kg friend. He immediately felt at home on the Serenity, even with my big 10.6 sail. Same with a 2 m tall x 105 kg pal with his 9.5 sail. Uphauling, tacking, going upwind, reaching or deep reaching were all easy. Downwind and jibing were the most tippy experience, however.

Unless you're a beginner, go for it !

Cheers !


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