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Unregistered 31st October 2007 04:33 PM

Question 4 Ian Fox
Hi Ian,

I weigh 65 kg and sail predominantly in 9 to 15-16 knot of wind. I sail in flat water to very choppy water. Wind direction is off-shore, side-shore and on-shore. I hate standing still whilst other are planing.

I am looking for a one board - one sail combo to cover the largest possible windrange.

Any comments on going for a Starboard Futura 122 and North Sails Prisma 7.5?

ALL alternative suggestions are welcome - before I spend my money.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

Ian Fox 1st November 2007 05:32 AM

Hi Sten,

When you're riding in those conditions, what is your primary ride style ?

Are you really into racing your friends ? Or more like moves and tricks ?

While the numerical difference in wind strength over 9 to 15/16 kts is minimal, the variance in effective /available wind power (and the effect on subsequent board size) is significant.

Pushing below 10 kts will test the planing threshold of most(nearly all) short boards.
Power from the wind effectively halves between 10kts and 8kts of windspeed (theorists, pls take it easy, generalisation for discussion..) so every kt you push below 10 really hurts. Obviously light rider weight helps reduce the reliance on extra volume in this case, but the most efficient board (for maximising early planing+ bottom end range vs size/volume) will be the race boards like iSonic.

New iSonics are certainly not too difficult or technical (especially in the light wind range) for consideration as general "hi efficency" freeriding.(might have to stop short of suggesting freemove potential etc..)

However, if you have a greater emphasis or interest in "moves" type riding, then yes, the Futura is probably the better choice - it concedes a little bottom end/early planing (c/w iSonic for a given size/volume) but on the upside, obviously an easier and more playful fast freeride/freemove once powered up.

In either case, the 122 sizing is about right. Obviously at 9 kts wind, you want/need all the board you can get for solid planing(could realistically be on 133 for that), but by a true 15-16kts, you'll be looking for a fair bit less size (think 101 in both families), as a 65kg rider is going to be bounced around by a bigger board earlier than heavier riders.

The key will be to understand where (in the 9-16 kt range) you will spend the high/er % of your sailing time (and maybe further still, your ENJOYABLE sailing time), then tweek the sizing accordingly. Taking a Futura over an iSonic in this range, you could argue to take a size biiger in Futura than iSonic, but it's probably more like "half a size" bigger is more correct. I'm not sure you would look real happy on iS111 in 9 kts ! - but to ensure solid planing on a Futura in 9 kts, I wouldn't rule out FU133 either.

In any case, for sure the use of 2 or 3 fins to help cover the range variance will not only be helpful, but probably the best (and most cost efective) advice we can add.

Cheers ~ Ian

Unregistered 1st November 2007 02:16 PM

Sailing style
Hi Ian,

thanks for a thorough explanation.

The board I am looking for has to be an easy "plug-and-play" type of board with a fairly easily accessable performance range. I will NOT be spending "hours on end" trying to figure out the correct tuning. Experimenting with tuning to "get going" will just takes away from the joy of sailing - experimenting requires time and you learn only through errors which adds to the frustration. Jybing should be not too difficult either.

I primarily "just" race my mates up and down the coastline. Small jumps of wind waves. But as I sometimes sail in off-shore conditions it would mean a great deal that I would be able to sail against the wind.

Wind strength would be 9-15 which is why I am looking for a one board - one sail combo.

So which one board?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

PS: please do not suggest that I test out a few different boards. Where I live the shops have a very limited selection of different boards (the actually import a different brand than Starboard). I will have to tell them what to get.

Ian Fox 2nd November 2007 05:07 PM

Hi Sten,

I'll layoff the iSonic recomendation based on reading between the lines of your plug+play comments, although the iS will certainly suprise you on just how P+P it can be for a full performance raceboard...

That tilts it back to Futura as the next "most efficent" (important for that light wind range) design in our range, normally I would agree with the 122 for your weight in 10+ to 15 range but if you feel you will be spending a lot of time in (or near) 9 kts or if that 9kts is anything less than "solid" 9, and considering your comments on wanting to be planing all the time, then the 133 would be an even safer P+P option in the light end and still be readily manageable by light riders in 15 kts.

Again, the 2 or 3 fin option is essential advice (yes, they can plug and play)
To keep it simple, having a "low wind" and "high wind" option makes it easy.
Making the wrong fin choice, or being caught out in changing conditions (in that range) will never be fatal, merely less effective, but your overall enjoyment (session success rate) will have to better, especially when covering that wind range with one board.

Cheers ~ Ian

Unregistered 2nd November 2007 06:38 PM

Hi Ian
Thanks a lot. Very helpfull advise.

Best regards

Jean-Marc 2nd November 2007 07:01 PM


Being 65 kg as well, I agree with Ian that a Futura 122 would be the best choice for 9-15 knots of wind. However, I'm afraid the North Prisma 7.5 is not gonna make it in true solid 9 knots of wind. You'll need a larger sail, something in the 8.5-9.0 range to be paired with a 44-46 cm fin.

FYI, I can start and sustain planing as of 10 knots with a NP RS2 8.2 racing sail and still be fine in solid 15 knots (Hypersonic 105). With a NP Jet freemove 6.9 sail, a true 12 knots is required and below 10 knots, I'm using a very large sail (11.0).

For starting and sustaining the planing in patchy and gusty 9 knots wind, no wonder, a large sail and a Futura 133 would be more appropriate IMHO.

Cheers !


Unregistered 7th November 2007 03:29 PM

Merci Jean-Marc,

for complementing Ians response :-)

Best regards

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