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sturle 9th November 2007 06:12 PM

Sail for futura 101
I'm thinking of buying a futura 101. Would a Severne Overdrive 6.5 be a good choice as the main sail for this board? Or is it a bit to powerful? What about the Element 6.5 ? I would like to get maximum speed from the board, but It should be a bit "comfy" as well. (My wife will maybe use this board as well) Can I also use this board with a 7.5 Overdrive with say a 38/40 fin (not the primary sail for this board, just to get on plane in light wind)? My weight is 80 Kg, and I will use the board for freeracing, and maybee in Hardwind slalom competitions.

Ola_H 10th November 2007 01:22 PM

I've used my iS101 with anything from powerful freeslalom 7.5 to stable but not som powerful 6.6 speed sails as well as the rather flat and super soft 7.0 Hot Superfreak pure dacron sail. The speed, stability and general feel you get from the board depends on the sail, and to utilise it fully, a stable sails is the best. But even with the Superfreak, the board works and actually becomes almost like a freerider board. I even didn carving 360s and suc things on it which it not the first thing on your mind with a full on slalom setup.

I don't know the Severne sails in detail, but my advice is geting a type of sail that corresponds to the sailing you want to do. My guess is both 7.5 and 6.5 overdrive would work great. I'm 10 kilos lighter than you but for me 7.5 far from the max sail limit.

Chris Pressler 12th November 2007 06:07 AM

Hi Sturle,
for sure you can use a 7,5 on the Futura 101. A 38 fin will be a great set up. In stronger wind you can use a 32 or 34 and go for it on a 6,0 or 6,6 in the Slalom races.
Have fun on the water,
Chris Pressler

sturle 13th November 2007 07:18 PM

Thank you for answering. Would the Severne Overdrive 6.5 be a good match for the board? Or would the Element 6.5 be better? (Will allso use 7.5, and 5.7/6.0 on the board, but the 6.5 is the target sail for this board.)

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