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davidoliver 20th November 2007 12:02 PM

A GO or a Carve.
Hi. I have a Fanatic UltraCat Carbon 3.8m and 270 litres and use a Hekler 7.5 in say 12-15kn.
im 52 and 75Kg. My son has a Start small and uses a NP 5.5. He is 16 and 65kg.
We are looking for a board we can take on our yacht that we can both use maybe with our sails that is going to be OK for my son to develop on but OK for me to say uphaul.
Ive been windsurfing for 30 years and used to course race but am no expert. My Ultracat is so fast and fun but to big and fragile to chuck on boat.
I find the Start with Centreboard a bit of a Slug and my son is starting to feel the same.
Guys at the shop said GO is good but might as well go for a Carve.
If a Go what size would you recomend. If a Carve, same question.
We like flat water and 12-15knts.
Your thoughts would be great.
PS. Is Go more stable and also more robust?
Thanks David and Oliver

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