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scottmckercher 2nd December 2007 04:09 PM

Perfect Windhead chrissie present. Ocean flow/drive
Hi Folks.
Jut a quick review form side off video in the USA regarding Ocean flow/Drive.
This would be the perfect christmas stocking stuffer for the keen wavesailor?windsurfer.

We tried to capture what is is that drives all the top pro's and other coloirful charcaters to do what they do, and involves pretty much everyone that's rippping out there today.

The book is the result of Margareta's flow experiences around te western austalia coastline capturing the spirit to float freely with movements dictated by the weather maps and the toal experince as a result of this.

"Here is the most unique product in our 2008 lineup, and could certainly make one of the best Christmas presents a windsurfer could possibly get (well, besides a new custom waveboard). Wrapped inside a beautiful 6x8 hardcover pictorial book on Western Australia called Ocean Flow, you'll find the latest hardcore wavesailing DVD from famed Aussie pro Scotty McKercher called Drive. His core adventurous spirit shines through giving his film a leg up on many of the European films coming out lately. Simply unbelievable conditions througout Western Australia, Sumbawa, Japan, Pozo, Maui, and Cabo Verde. Killer. Don't know how else to describe it."

You can order through

Happy sailing
Scott McKercher

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