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ATL 6th December 2007 08:53 AM

Brazilian Worlds - broken masts?
Anyone know which masts were breaking the most at the Formula World's in Brazil? I'm trying to work out what rig to update to...


LK 6th December 2007 12:22 PM

Heard about a rider who broke 3 or 4 Gaastra masts.

Unregistered 6th December 2007 08:12 PM

Yes, it was a rider from Denmark(Kurosh kiani)

Phill104 7th December 2007 12:21 AM

Were they new masts? How does he treat them?etc. etc. There are so many reasons for mast breakage that this is not a good measure of reliability.

Talk to people who buy masts rather than asking sponsored riders who are more likely to abuse their kit or get it damaged in transit etc.

SeanAUS120 11th December 2007 02:30 PM

I talked to Kurosh and apparently those masts were older Gaastra masts. One was one of the original black Gaastra masts (3 years old) and the others from 2006. I don't think you can complain about a 3 year old mast breaking - that's a good shelf life for a carbon product being used as much as Kurosh sails.

Incidently, I had some problems (as did others) with the Gaastra masts earlier this season, but Gaastra have stepped up to the plate and released a better mast. 300-400g heavier and a different finish; haven't broken one since and I sail everyday. The new Gaastra masts are completely gold with thin black stripes the length of the mast if you are trying to work out which is which...

I wouldn't be suprised if a lot of masts breaking in Brazil were due to improper care. So many people leave sails fully tensioned in the sun in Europe, which is fine I guess, as the earth is a lot further from the sun in Summer (June-Aug) but when you feel the full force of our Southern Hemisphere summer (Dec-Feb) you will see masts break. We are used to it here in Australia so we usually only rig a few minutes before we sail and dip the masts in water to cool them. I'm sure having masts banged around on the airplane doesn't help either, so there's usually more mast breakage at an event everyone has flown to than just the local comps.

I think its ok to pick the masts that are breaking less from watching the pro's. Hey, they sail more than everyone else and chew through a lot of gear, so if the guy you are watching isn't breaking his brand of masts than they are probably a great mast.

Until some brands start making masts 500g heavier and use double-bias carbon; every brand is going to break masts. Its the same with booms. There are some very simple ways a lot of the gear on the market could be improved structurally, but I'm sure that's more complicated commercially than me just putting this on a forum. I'm sure people don't want their gear 50% more expensive :-/

Unregistered 19th December 2007 02:19 AM

I did not see many Severne masts break if any.

But lots of Np and Gaastras where breaking.

It sems to be the heat, that makes them go bang alot. Most of the masts where broken on the water, only few on the beach, all np sailors rig and then head straight for the water, other wise, there would have been, many more broken.

Unregistered 19th December 2007 04:40 AM

I can easily say I'm a sort of "teacher" in mast breakage so can put here my 2 cents.
I've experienced almost any mast brand breakage.
Broken Challenger,Severne,NP,Triana.Almost any with RS5 (f....k!).Sail FW the whole year.I use to pay any attention I can (avoiding almost any crash with rocks or something).In summer we have huge temps and we use to cool down masts before rigging and use to make it last mins before going to the water.
But it seems there's no chance to prevent breakages.Oh well,since I've swap for North it was reduced to zero failures (continuing to pay the same attention I payed earlier),but any time I rig thrill is all around!!
Heavier masts kill performance but,as guru Barry says (and me too!),it's better a slower ride then no ride at all!
I think that responsability has to be shared between masts poor construction/bad quality control and some sail brand extreme project.Changing rules (constant increased boards max width with incidental quest for bigger and more stable sails) have their faults too...
I don't think that a better product has to be straight more expensive.It would be enough better if brands can better check their construction process...

Jesper Orth 19th December 2007 09:57 AM

Under the Worlds in Brazil we did not see any Severne mast's break (with my knowledge). Some of the other sail brands might be presented in higher volume, so there is a bigger amount of broken ones, - but still,,

We are "surprised" to see so many riders from other brands have +3 spare masts in the same size, for one sail-. Some even some have the Severne Formula mast as their "safe" back up, when all their own brands mast fails,,

For sure some Severne masts will break over time, - but in the end they are just that fraction stronger, than other mast’s out there - with still super performance.

It’s a nice feeling rigging and walking into the water, without thinking if your mast is going to make it or not,,

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