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Brett Morris 17th December 2007 03:26 PM

Australian Slalom Nationals
Congratulations to Sam Parker on winning the Australian Slalom Nationals 2007-08.
The event was held at Botany Bay, Sydney 14-16Dec07....
result, photos on

Also, thanks to all the people who helped make Sundays "Celebration" event such a success. Over 70 kids participated in the "learn to windsurf" program alone...Happy days for the sport...

Next event is the NSW Formula States 12-13 Jan08, then the big one for the season, the Formula Oceanic's 22-25Jan08....

Unregistered 19th December 2007 02:58 PM

Well done Sam. Great result.
One of the most helpful and generous guys racing in Australia.
See,,,,, nice guys don't always come last!

p.s Sam, I hope the 162's you ordered are on schedule.

Congratulations and all the best.

GRE 200

WindsurfnSnow 20th December 2007 10:31 AM

Cheers Jason,

Brett ran a great fun event and to win after trying for 15 odd years was pretty cool. Also to answer your question your 162 is on schedule for delivery tomorrow barring any Christmas freight screw ups.

When are you back in the country again?

All the best,


Unregistered 22nd December 2007 10:41 AM

Santa's delivery
Hi Champ,
Hope Santa delivered my new 162 in one piece.
I'll be back the day before Xmas.
If you keep the shop open long enough for me to pick up the board, i'll buy you case of xmas cheer/beer.
Am looking forward to start tuning the 162 with my new Debs and hope to be ready for the big event!!!! Oceanic FW Champs QLD..... Yeeeehaar!!!

P.S Now that you are champ maybe i should buy you a case of red bull instead of VB?

Merry xmas everyone!

GRE 200

Unregistered 22nd December 2007 03:13 PM

Hi Jason,
I see after taking part at the slalom blaster race in greece you got hungry for more racing, that's very good. I hope to see you soon in greece back again ofcourse with your new racing machine and tuned up well your 162.
For the next season we have 6 national races for formula hope you can make it.
By the way, in Australia you will use your gre-200 number ?

FREY - GRE 969

Unregistered 23rd December 2007 10:30 AM

Hi Christos,

So we don't use the starboard forum as our own chat room.
I will try and find your email at windsurfing.GR
And,, yes I want to race at the FW OCEANIC with my Greek numbers.

Sean O'brien along with everyone else involved, is doing a great job of co-ordinating the event. It looks like being a great 4 days with world class sailors and great racing!
If you and a few of the other Greek Formula guys don't come,,,,,,,
,,,,,,,then the world might think all greek sailors are as slow as me.

So you should
pack your gear,
get on a plane,
go support your sister at the Worlds in NZL,
then stop in Australia on your way home,
and race with us in the OCEANICS.

Ta leme File mou.
GRE 200

P.S Toni has my email. Wish them luck!

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