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Marko 17th December 2007 04:34 PM

Q for Remi: deboichet slalom fins?
Hi Remi!

I would like to extend the range of my board (isonic101 2007) to its limits.
I am 75-80kg, and my sails are Mauisails TR3 7.6/6.6/5.5. I would like to get a couple of deboichet fins to cover all possible conditions.
Is101 is my only board and we have a windlimit of 13 knots for slalom. We race in variety of conditions, downwind, upwind (figure of eight), gusty, flat water, choppy...There are even some places with strong current.

Which set of deboichet fins do you recommend? Last year I had SL2 36 which was very good for strong wind (6.6/5.5) but to small for 7.6, especially in chop and upwind slalom. I also used Drake 40 few times, but I did not like it at all.


Remi 17th December 2007 04:51 PM

Hi Marko,

This my best trim at 85 kgs but please notice that I prefer to use with my 5,6 the iSonic 86 with SL3 32 or 30.

iSonic 101 for 5,5 : Deboichet Custom SL3 : 34
iSonic 101 for 7,6 : Deboichet Custom SL2 : 38

Hope this help.

All the best

Marko 17th December 2007 05:09 PM

Thanks Remi!

I will go for SL3 34 for 5.5 and SL2 36/38 for 6.6/7.6.

Do you think that 2cm is big enought difference (SL2 36/38)? Do you think that SL2 38 will also be good in light wind 7.6 conditions in choppy water and upwind slalom (figure of 8) or should I go for bigger fin?

Remi 17th December 2007 06:30 PM

Hi Marko,

This is my choice with my 7,7 Code Red, but if it's lighter, I go for the iSonic 133. You have better result than increase the fin size on the iSonic 101. But yes you can go for a 40cm.

All the best

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