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DJluc 5th January 2008 07:12 PM

Carve 131 to Futura 122 or 133
Hello specialists all over the world.

I want to change my carve 131 ( best board i've ever had ) for a futura because
the 131 earns his retirement.
Should I go for the 122 ( same width ) or the 133 ( same volume ) ?
I want to plane as early as the 131 ( normally with 8 m sail , flat water , i'm 74 kg ) and have more or less the same stability.

Thanks for your advises and comments.

Magicmullet 5th January 2008 08:13 PM

Hi DJluc.

Judging by the mere numbers here, I would opt for the 122-liter model. It has been said earlier, that one should select a Futura of one size smaller than "normally" in terms of volume due to the new shape. Or more specifically, the added width. The Futuras can carry a wide range of sails, so I don't see your Carve sail quiver causing a problem either.

Hope this helped.

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