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mark h 13th January 2008 10:51 PM

iS144, iS111 & iS76 Pics
Uploaded pics of iS144/111/76 here:

If any body needs more detailed pics, I'll do some this week.


Phill104 14th January 2008 12:39 AM

Forgive me if I'm wrong Mark but from the photo it looks like you have front DK contours fitted to the rear inserts.

Nice quiver though.

mark h 14th January 2008 02:10 AM

Hi Phil
Well spotted. The proper Dakine contour "rear" strap is suposed to be used as an "off set" rear strap I.E. single rear strap for wave, freestyle or small or easy freeride & dont work to well (for me) as a double rear footstrap set up (think thats why they sell them as a set of three straps & not four), they'r just not the right shape. Think of SB 2005 light weight race straps, they where the same contour shape as Dakine, same front & rear. The iS144 is waiting for straps to be fitted as I left the new anti twist locks at Boardwise by mistake as I was nearly wetting myself with excitment looking at these babies.

Thanks for getting them accross from, how did you do that? I could'nt get onto SB's site as they where over 97k.


Phill104 14th January 2008 02:27 AM

Good enough reason. They just looked different to mine hence asking and what you say makes sense. As long as they are comfy thats good enough for me. Getting the metal bits off the 2 hole plastics is a pain. Why do they still bother with the 2 hole bits?

To get pics to show here you'll see two copy buttons below the middle sized images. The top one you click then just paste the code here. Clicking the bottom one just creates a pasteable link.

Enjoy your new toys.

mark h 14th January 2008 06:53 AM

Ahhh, now I understand. Thanks for that.


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