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Unregistered 20th January 2008 08:20 PM

Fin for IS122 and IS101 2008-Remi, Ian
hi guys,

please help me out which deb sl2 fin do you prefer for the next combos. my weight is 85 kg and im 184 cm tall and the sails are north warps:

1. IS122+9,0
2. IS122+7,8
3. IS122+6,8
4. IS101+7,8
5. IS101+6,8

thanks a lot for your help and keep up the good work,

Ian Fox 21st January 2008 12:46 PM

Hi Willy,

Outside the main variables (like board/sail/rider weight+height) there's still a lot of small but significant variables (water conditions, course/angle, ride style power vs glide etc etc) that can influence the fine tuning or personal preference, but for typical choice in your conditions you would look at something like :

1. IS122+9,0 42/44cm SL2
2. IS122+7,8 40/42cm SL2
3. IS122+6,8 36/38cm SL2
4. IS101+7,8 36/38cm SL2
5. IS101+6,8 34/36cm SL2

Cheers ~ Ian

Unregistered 28th January 2008 03:45 PM

Hey Ian,

Thanks a lot, its really big help!


honk 28th January 2008 06:27 PM

Hi Ian

What about best fin recommendation for 70kg sailor

isonic Codered
133 / 10 m
133 / 8.3 m
111 / 8.3 m
111 / 7.0 m

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