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windracer 17th August 2006 05:06 PM

K9 antitwist in Aero 117 - advice needed
Aloha to all the Team,

I have recently purchased Aero 117 and last weekend was mounting footstraps. I saw those black rounded 'things' together with the supplied straps and suspected that these are anti twist things, but honestly I could not fit it in any reasonable way into the board. In the supplied instruction, there was nothing about antitwist system to be attached into the board.

What worried me was that I can damage the board with bolt pointing towards the deck, because there was no space on the board to fit it into the deck. By screwing it directly into the board it could cause the damage, despite the pads and would make the screw not really fitting into the hole.

As a result I screwed in the footstraps without those black rounded 'things' underneath.

Could you please advice on this, as I'm not sure if I did the correct thing.:o

Ola_H 18th August 2006 04:41 PM

RE: K9 antitwist in Aero 117 - advice needed
There are supposed to be slots in the board for the K9 washers to fit in. These slots run between adjacent strap holes. Preferably, you first put the K9 in place and then put the strap above it and mount the screw.

On my own (early) versions of 06 boards, there were no slots on the boards (the system was not tested enough for it to appear on the very first batch of boards). You might have such an early board and if so, just dont use the K9 washers.

windracer 21st August 2006 03:59 PM

RE: K9 antitwist in Aero 117 - advice needed
Thanks for the reply, that's what I have learned in the mean time. No slots for K9's in my board, because its an early model and that is why they are not available. I did as you mentioned, no K9's on the board.

thanks again,

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