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Fabrice L 30th January 2008 10:15 PM

i sonic med wind + hard chopp.
Hi kevin.
I use sails NP RS5 5.8 6.7 and 7.8 on a Fanatic falcon 90 2007 now, with Tectonic falcon f1 32,SL2 34 and 36 fins. Very fast, good all round and easy on hard chop.

What board would you recomend to complet my quiver for a better up wind or cross wind long distance with 7.8m.
I also have a old 9.0 NP RX2 and fins 42 SL2, golwin 30,32, 33 and 34cm.

I am 183/75kg, no fat.
Ride in Mauritius where the chop are strong and very close.
I want to have maximum speed from 14 knts to 18knts.

I thinks 111l But perhaps 101 will do the work better with my weight???

Thanks a lot.


Kevin Pritchard 31st January 2008 04:01 AM


I think you could go with the 101. I am using this board for up to 7.8 and it is working quite well. It is alot wider than the 90 that you have so it will go better up wind. If you are thinking you would use your 9.0 sail alot on the board then I would go with the 111. I think the 101 is a bit too small for the 9.0 and even on the 111 you will be pushing it with the 9.0 but it is doable.

Hope this helps.


Fabrice L 4th February 2008 09:32 AM

sonic 122/9.3
Hi Kevin... sorry for spending your time...

What do think if I take a i sonic 122 that I will use with My gaastra Nitro3 9.3 and fin SL3 42cm. I could use the gaastra with a 490 mast top and 520 base?

Yesterday I was using Star-board formula 147 with Nitro10.5 and deboichet R13 soft+, wind was 10 to 17 knts and it Was working pretty fast.

Thats why I thought with i sonic 122 and 9.3 it should covery a large wind range.I could go from 10knts to 20knts is it?

Thanks a lot.

Kevin Pritchard 5th February 2008 02:13 PM


I love my 122. I use it for my 9.0 and 8.2 mainly and it will be great with your 9.3 in 20 knots! I have used this board in some pretty tough conditions and so I know it has what it takes to really go for it!

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