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Floyd 1st February 2008 11:16 PM

Geko 201 black screen !!!!!!
Screen on my Geko (201) hs gone black BUT if I switch on backlight and angle it over I can just make out figures.(Its still working)
Anybody had this before ? know whats wrong ?

Unregistered 2nd February 2008 04:27 AM


I had the same problem recently.

Obviously the following happened. During surfing I accidentally must have pressed the arrow (up) key. This changes the contrast of the screen (makes it black).

You just have to press the arrow down key and everthing should be ok.


Floyd 2nd February 2008 05:50 AM

Big Thankyou
Thanks Dieter
Didn`t know you could access contrast directly.
Works fine.!
Dont tell anyone I was so supid !!!

Good sailing.

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