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Andrews 18th February 2008 07:21 PM

Carve 144/162 vs Futura 144/155

I'm 25 years old, beginner/intermediate, 90 kg and 193 cm. I'm looking for a board to reaplave my 2000 GO 190L. My only sail right now is a North Natural 7.0. I'm looking for a light/medium (marginal planing with a 7.0 and up) wind board that can give me good windrange and that is easy to progress on.
The boards I've been looking at are the largest 2 Carves and Futuras. Can you help me decide on a board?
For reference I've tried a Carve 122 and I think that was too small for me.
The Starboard dealer here in Norway have a 2006 Carve 162, a 2007 Carve 162 and the new Futuras (The newer board being the most expensive of course.)

Can you help me choose the right board and right size for me?

Thank you in advance!

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