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Unregistered 21st February 2008 09:45 AM

rsx board change
Is the board going to change to a more planning hull for weymouth 2012?

James 21st February 2008 09:28 PM

Some groups are going to lobby to change the board, but I doubt they will be successful. I recently talked to an RS:X racer who seemed confident that everyone would still be on RS:X in 2012.

Unregistered 22nd February 2008 06:21 AM

Happy New Year!
2008 just started with some exiting one-off events on the agenda: Olympic Games in China, a board to be chosen for the 2012 London Olympics and a new ISAF rulebook 2009-2012 to be prepared. The IWA and its member classes hope to contribute to all of these.
The first item on the agenda is an evaluation - do we want to continue with the RS:X as the Olympic board? Do we want to see the RS:X replaced with a planing board?
It looks like now or never; Weymouth has promising wind statistics and the new ISAF policy that races should be held between 6 and 25 knots creates an opening for a one-design FW board to try to become Olympic. We can choose the 1992 path and first elect FW as the Olympic Class (with Formula Experience as a feeder class) and then in 2009 choose one board and one rig to become the Olympic one design. Or, we can propose this year a new one design FW class. By mid March the IWA should decide which path we want to follow.
Then we have the Olympic Games in Qingdao, China where we look forward to some exciting racing, hopefully in sufficient wind. Media coverage of this event is big and letís hope that the Medal Race and other changes to the sport will prove its value and make our sport more media-friendly.
Third and not least on the to-do list is to finalise the new rulebook in cooperation with ISAF. Some major changes will happen in rule 18 and 19 for the sailors and we also need some fine tuning there. Let's also use this opportunity to clean up the never-ending mess with the sail numbers. A proposal was tabled and accepted last November in Estoril, Portugal. Let's start communicating and get our act together in all Racing classes from 2009 onwards. A sail number is your personal logo and should be treated as a marketing tool for yourself and our sport.
Finally, we have to look further into the future of our fascinating sport. We have to clean up the structures, professionalize and market better our existing events and try to increase the number of Member National Associations in all our classes. A never ending struggle!
Good winds
Bruno De Wannemaeker
President IWA

Unregistered 25th February 2008 04:55 AM

Can we get rid of Bruno as president first?

It makes it look like he has no consideration for any racing format bar FW. FW is great but in many countries it is NOT the most popular class. Many windsurfer racers have voted with their feet.

For Bruno to just be pushing FW with apparently no consideration for any of the other types of racing board seems to show that he is extremely biased and has no place at the head of our sport.

Unregistered 25th February 2008 01:01 PM

"Let's start communicating and get our act together in all Racing classes from 2009 onwards."

It woujld be great is we started communicating. Let's start bty making sure the IWA asks all racing sailors what classes they want to represent the sport. The IWA should not just assume we want FW in for 2012

Unregistered 25th February 2008 08:16 PM

Astonishing that anybody would even be "thinking about" changing the board.
Parts of the world are still grappling with budgets to buy the RSX and develop youngsters for 2012.
Leave well alone.

Unregistered 25th February 2008 11:46 PM

As usual the facts are getting distorted.
The Formula Class AGM voted to support a proposal to change the olympic windsurfing equipment for 2012. Bruno is only moving this decision forward.
The IWA is not proposing a change ; neither is it proposing to accept the status quo.
The RSX Class is not a member of IWA.
To be part of the "olympic" game you do not need to invest in equipment - you invest in sailors .!
The majority of the current Olympic racers also raced Mistral- equipment is not priority.
To compete in OG you renew equipment (at least )once a year - in reality , you invest in new equipment much more often to be "competitive".
Changing your RSX equipment to FW equipment post 2008 OG is no big deal !

Ken 26th February 2008 04:05 AM

The RSX and the the older Mistral class haven't done much to build competitive windsurfing world wide. The Olympic boards have never been very enticing for the masses and pretty much remain specialized boards for a limited number of racers that want to be able to race in light wind conditions.

This makes some sense with the Olympics since you have a very small window of time once every four years and need to race regardless of the winds.

On the other hand, if Formula was the Olympic class board, I think there would be a huge increase in the number of Formula sailors world wide compared to the impact that the RSX, Mistral & Lechner have had.

Modifying the Formula class for the Olympics with fin choices up to 80cm may help push the planing threshold down to 5 knots for a 70-75kg sailor on a 12 meter sail.

It seems to me that Formula deserves a shot at being the Olympic board. The risk is not getting in enough races at the games to hand out medals if the wind doesn't show up.

On the other hand, maybe the Olympic Formula sailors will have to practice slogging around a course. I have done it several times and it takes skill to be the fastest. Exciting - no, but neither is an RSX in 3 knots.

James 26th February 2008 04:38 AM

Hmm. I thought Bruno De Wannemaeker's post was pretty well-reasoned, so I'm suprised by the strong negative response he got in post #4. I guess it's tough to please everyone.

Also, I agree with Post #7. Changing the equipment really wouldn't impose much extra cost, because the Olympic riders have to get new hulls and sails all the time as it is.

-Here's a concern I have, though: Would one-design-formula exacerbate the problem of random minor variations in manufacturing having big effects on performance, i.e. having to buy 10 "identical" fins to find one good one? Or is that no less problematic with longboard and hybrid equipment?

-Here's another thing: I heard from an RS:X rider who said the Bic Hybrid was a lot nicer than the RS:X both in the breeze and in daggerboard mode. Since that's already an existing class I wonder if they'll vy for 2012 Olympic status. Same thing with the Kona class; everyone seems to love sailing the Kona, including me, and they make it competitive for different weight people with their weight class / sail size rules.

However it turns out, I think the board selection process will be exciting to watch. It was fun to see all the weird designs they tested before picking the RSX. :) I wonder if Starboard is just going to enter a formula / apollo design, or if they will also enter a full-length longboard.


Unregistered 26th February 2008 04:52 AM

Hang on
If there was to be a change, are we talking about changing the board or changing the whole kit?
Only the board needs to be changed.
I think the mens rig is OK and the womens rig is good. Don't change these.

The board is very slow until it planes and when it starts planning it points very low. Its embrassing around the other olympic classes. Now that the tornado is gone we should be the premier class in terms of speed.

A better fin and a smaller centreboard is the first change.
These two changes are minor and would make planning upwind occur sooner to be more formula like.

The next change would be to make the board lighter.

but if this happens everyone will buy a new board so the shape should changed aswell, so the tail should be widen to support a more powerful fin.

I would support I hull, fin and centreboard change.

Another change is the mast track could be shorter, I rarely use the first 3 positions but I'm not sure if the women use these positions.

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