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Unregistered 22nd February 2008 11:12 PM

F93 vs K96
I'm a 90kg-flat-water-surfer and looking for a high wind freemover/crossbord.
Currently I use a 120l JP x-cide and I'm thinking about the Futura 93 or the Kombat 96 to enjoy 6-7bft with a sailrange from 4.7 - 6.5

Which one is the best for me?


Ian Fox 25th February 2008 01:59 AM

Hi Don,

The Futura93 has the performance focus more on flatwater blasting side of freeride/freemove, the Kombat96 really has the focus on the moves side of freeride.
Kombat is definitely more freeride-waves crossover.

So if you're on flat water, possibly(?) your normal ride style is more blasting - and the extra range and top end speed will be more compelling factors towards Futura93. Also being a heavier rider, the extra efficency of the Futura93 matches a little better for these two boards of similar volume.

Cheers ~ Ian

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