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Bill 8th March 2008 03:49 AM

SUP and the power of marketing
SUP is in my opinion way over hyped and has little in common with windsurfing.

Itís incredible to watch the power of marketing.

I am impressed with the persuasive arguments that some sponsored windsurfers are putting forward for SUPís.

I suppose after all thatís one of the reasons why they are sponsored in the first place because they can influence people.

Unregistered 8th March 2008 03:51 AM

Agree completely!

Laird the Legend 8th March 2008 05:38 AM

Everyone's a Laird-wannabe
I see these outta shape 40 and 50 somethings all wobbly on the SUPS thinkin they're cool with their new sport.

Laird must be laughing somewhere counting his stacks.....

Unregistered 8th March 2008 08:56 AM

Not sure...but i was yesterday teaching a young kid in his new GO 155 and his Power Drive 4.8. I was on a SUP 12ī6" and a Gator 6.5 and was teaching him from this equipment. Having the center fin helped me to be always close to him and while he was riding his new board i was playing some freestyle. The wind was light...maybe 6-9 knots. But I had fun.

We were the only two guys in the water. The rest...sitting in the beach just looking us. I am not the one to say who had more fun...but I considered my afternon really gun, sporty and for sure...there was no waves...because in that case, i would have taken my paddle and go surfing.

Have fun...if you have it...then Mkting is Ok. It works for me.

As soon as I have this pictures...that the mother of this kid took from the pierr I will post them.

Have matter the wind!
Best luck!!!
Ricardo Guglielmino

viking 8th March 2008 10:27 AM

Totally agree with this post! I have to say that I am impressed by the marketing people who suceed to sell something totaly useless! I bet that within 2 years, nobody will hear about that anymore...

Ola_H 8th March 2008 02:56 PM

Just saw the Hawaii news hare on Maui and they always and with some viewr pics from around the islands. Today two of the pics ware SUP surfers ripping up Pipeline/backdoor, catching tubes going high speed etc. Every (relatively windless) day on Maui you see both beginner surfers and veterans SUP and you also see a few "progressive" SUPers on shortboard SUPs basically doing shortboard style turns.

So, maybe the popularity will eventually wear off a bit, but I think "the tool" is here to stay. It just opens so many doors. But I agree it does not have so much to do with windsurfers other than being a natural extension of the time on water (both in the surfing direction and in the paddling direction).

I also think that for wave sailors, SUP surfing will come very natural. You have the same overview like when you're sailing, you're catching waves in a similar manner as when light wind surf sailing, you even set up a bottom turn in a similar way ( the paddle steering motion being rather similar to what you do when you move your back hand on the boom to power through a bottom turn).

For me, being a fairly competent wave sailor but a lousy surfer, SUP have really been a revolution. Not only have it offered good surfing fun on light wind days, I've also caught waves with my son riding with me, my wife have caught her first waves and the SUP have made me learn more things which will help my regular surfing then I have learned for a long time. I've even learned stuff that helps my sailing.

I could probably have had fun also without the SUP, but for me I can't really see you guys can see a new toy (or tool) for on water fun as something negative. If you're not attracted by it, just don't try on (or buy one).

And by the way, I haven't even got the chance to use a Starboard SUP yet so I'm not being "bought" into this.

Happy surfing...

AlexWind 8th March 2008 03:39 PM

I think SUP is quite overstimated, or better, companies announce SUP as a new growing sport when, IMHO, is a their wish seeing it becoming a growing sport.

Except isolated exceptions where it could be good, I think the "movement" is quite isolated..

pierrec45 8th March 2008 06:37 PM

power of marketing
I hope those who say "power of marketing" are not quiver boys that buy new gear every year.

That, IMO, is where the much, much bigger scam is - make believe the buyer is gonna be a better and faster sailor with ever more numerous and ever more recent rigs and boards.

(Scam not from the buyers, BTW. I mean from manufacturers, but that's their job. Definitely 100% from magazines with the never ending new gear tests, and from shops.)

JJay 8th March 2008 07:10 PM

Love my Sup!
Hi all, I love my 11'2 SUP.
Here is why,,,,,
1) I can surf it.
2) I can paddle it.
3) I can sail it.
4) I have taken my previously anti water/waves girlfriend for a ride. (she loved it)
5) It keeps me fit.
6) It gives me more time on the water with more options. (especially now my girlfriend is into it)
7) I can lend it to friends who have never windsurfed or surfed or paddled without worrying too much about it being cracked, dinged, or broken.
8) And most of all I love it because it takes great skill and practice to surf/paddle well.

It says nowhere on the box or instructions that ownership means we are forbidden from owning and racing Formula or Slalom gear. It says nowhere that we can not go out and rip on our wave or freestyle kit. It's not lying. It does all the things it says it can, and it does them easily.

I don't particularly like freestyle, (mainly because i'm crap at it)

Maybe some people don't like SUP for the same reason?

Yes I agree, there is a lot of hype, Maybe too much?
But you should see how """HYPED""" My friends are when they sail or surf for the first time.
You should have seen how """HYPED""" I was catching tiny little 2 foot point break right handers that normally I wouldn't have bothered getting wet for.
And how """HYPED""" would you be if your girlfriend FINALLY STOPPED busting your balls for spending too much time in the water?

Relax and go Fast :-)

pierrec45 8th March 2008 08:10 PM

right reasons
> It keeps me fit.
> It gives me more time on the water with more options

Great stuff, right reasons mate!

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