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skenn158 10th March 2008 01:22 AM

Where to buy formula fins in USA?
I have both a 161 and an Isonic 124, I see the constant discussion of fin choices for the 161 and now the 162 in these forums yet can't seem to find the R20 + 7cm rake or Deboichet R20 fins mentioned anywhere here in the US, I've looked online without much luck. Also,, how does do these compare with the stock Drake fins that come with the boards?



Remi 10th March 2008 04:57 AM

Hi SK,

The board will be deliver with the Drake R19 who is a good one, but if you want the ultimate machine go for a Deboichet Custom that you can get on their web site :

Please notice that the R20 is really new.

All the best

steveC 10th March 2008 09:49 AM

Did you check with Bruce Peterson at Sailworks regarding Deboichet fins?

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