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MarcM 11th March 2008 08:12 PM

Reverse side rigging
Last weekend I rigged for the first time a new Severn Overdrive 11.0 (2008). I had many Gaastra sails and one NP before and found weird that the Overdrive rigs on the opposite side. I took a while to reverse think downhaul cable tread to a correct (no crossing) setup (this just tells you how much stupid I am), something that I just do without thinking on my "normal" side. Not a big deal but simple things should be standardized in the industry. Port or starboard rigging side differences is just another annoying little thing, affects the extension cleat position as well, winch side, etc. I loved the sail but hated the rigging, I know I will get used to it but it will always be a slower process as this will be my only "wrong" rigging side sail.

steveC 11th March 2008 11:58 PM

Hi MarcM,

Hey, you're not alone. I have tried rigging on the side opposite to my normal way and its a real brain teaser. Also, I find using different mast extensions (Chinook versus Streamline Quick 6) that require different threading orientations does the same kind of spin number to my brain.

However, just curious, why couldn't you just rig the sail on your normal side? I'm aware that sail specifications are usually printed only on one side of the sail, but I'm not clear why one side of the sail is any different from the opposite side, at least with my sails.

Unregistered 12th March 2008 12:22 AM

You think rigging on the wrong side is bad, well, I just bought a sail (won't mention the manufacturer) that only goes on port tack (wind from the left)! If the wind is from the right, I can't even leave the beach! I have to get towed out by a ski so I can sail back! And when the wind is from the right, I have to swim all the way back at the end of every reach! Imagine my surprise when I realized that it was the exact opposite of my previous sail, which only went on starboard tack! Forget about gybing or tacking, let alone any takas, flakas, grubbies, goiters, spocks, or pinatas - er, I meant, punetas! Luckily the sailing side and rigging side for both these sails were matched, so there was no unnecessary flipping of the sail on the beach!

I agree with you 100%, someone in the industry should get a clue and do something about standardizing these @#$% things so at the very least they all sail on the same one side only, even if they rig any which way!

PS: I just thought of a solution, which I will try at the very next opportunity: I will sail clue first for the "bad" direction! I've read somewhere that it can be done...

MarcM 12th March 2008 02:13 AM

Agree, SteveC. No worries with side or anything. Just found curious, I never paid attention to others rigging on my site (lots of Severns).

Hey, unregistered, who said it is bad? My message was not seeking a fix, or anything. It was not even about sails but about standards (or lack of), it is what it is: just a comment. But I have a solution to your problem, try sailing fin up... there, you know where.

Unregistered 12th March 2008 03:04 AM

MarcM, I've never tried it, however I can only surmise, since you yourself offer the suggestion, you must have some experience, sailing with your fin up there; and furthermore, that you must find it quite effective, compared to your other ways of sailing, otherwise, why else would you suggest it? In fact, that would explain quite a lot. Am I right? As for me, I offer a tried and true suggestion, for you: to rig your sail, look through a mirror. Right will be left, and left will be right.

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