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Unregistered 11th March 2008 08:47 PM

fins for 159
Hi all, I just got a formula 159. Can anybody tell the best suitable fins for the variety of conditions. Thankss

Papounet 11th March 2008 10:47 PM

Depend off
- Weight
- Sails
- Spot conditions
- Race/Freerace
- one or more Fin

Unregistered 12th March 2008 04:54 AM

My weight is about 70kg. Spot: most of the time chopy water with medium to light winds. I'll use the board to compete. HOpe that's enough info. Thanks

Remi 12th March 2008 06:39 AM


The R13 soft rake + 8 cm was one of the favorite fins at this time. Never try the new ones on it.

All the best

Unregistered 12th March 2008 07:10 AM

Thanks Remi. I'll try it!

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